Cyberpunk 2077: Without these mods I never want to play more!

After I’ve already played cyberpunk 2077 to the release and at the same time had also criticized the game clearly , I must confess: even according to great games releases like Elden Ring or Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons I’m back in Cyberpunk fever. Debt is patch 1.5, which enriches the role-play of CD project Red around some great improvements . But so great the whole thing is: PC players can improve it. Because the modding scene to Cyberpunk 2077 is very active, which is why I imagine mods (not the in-game upgrades of the same name) today, I do not want to do without. Get ahead of the Program Vortex, the Mod Manager of the Popular Page NexusMods, from which we also have the contents of this article.

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Cyberpunk 2077 Will Never be The Same Again After These Mods | Most Ambitious Cyberpunk Mods In 2022

Skips the intro

I have long since knows that the game of CD project is red, I do not need an info video for every start, which you can not skip. So do so easily “No Intro Videos” , you’ve already landed without the redundant video in the main menu and can download directly your score. ****

Hides your equipment – no more stupid hat

In many games it is a standard feature to easily hide the helmet – Dragon Age and New World allow it. But in Cyberpunk 2077 (Buy Now 48.35 €) I often have the agony of choice: stats or look? In the past, there was often a ugly hat, which I only wear because of good values ​​”had to”. The Fantastic Mod “Hide Your Gear” makes it possible to easily hide unwanted slots. In this way, you will not only get rid of stupid headgear, but also hides a great shirt anymore under a locked jacket. No buck on hat, but still stats: with Hide Your Gear, bald or hair defendant remain uncovered. Other slots may hide her. Source: easily hide

Hide read shards

Who does not know: You’re going to relax again after the fight against Tyger Claws or Maelstrom, but there are always these darn shards. Of course you could ignore them, but almost neurotically you want to lot “everything”. Although neither XP nor booty brings. And then that’s not even new texts, but the always same magazine articles or book statements! The practical mod “Hide Read Shards” frees you from this misery. Have you once loved a Shard, does not copy any more in the world. In this respect, there are only texts to pick up, which also offer you new reading material. For this mod, you need the additional mode “RedScript”, which allows additional scripts in Cyberpunk 2077 for Modder.

Finally real Cyber ​​arms!

Too often I thought: Why do all NPCs have the really imposing cybernetic arms? Take a look at Cyberpunk 2077 Johnny’s arm! Or also the many opponents with cool mechano biceps. That does not have to stay with you! The final mod “Arasaka Cyberarms” offers a wide selection of cybernetic poor, which give you mechanical grippers and arms, which are really like it’s half of metal. You can even choose whether it only affects the forearms and whether it should only be left or right. And best of all: this great content pack does not even require additional mods, so can be easily installed. Mechanical arms in black and gold, as from Deus Ex: The MOD Arasaka Cyberarms makes it possible in Cyberpunk 2077 Source: easily hide

All character options on the mirror in the apartment

A great feature of patch 1.5 is that we can now change some elements of our appearance later in the game by just go to an apartment mirror. But there are a few features that we should not change during the game, such as our voice, face form or our body. The Mod “Appearance Change Unlocker” fixes the problem. So you can tinker to your outer outer in perfect cyberpunk manner, as if you are the best cosmetic surgeon. On top of that, this mod also saves presets of your characters. Incidentally, this mod requires “RedScript” as well as “Cyber ​​Engine Tweaks” to work.

Which mods can not do without Cyberpunk 2077? My favorites do not have to be yours. Do you have some real insider tips that enrich your game? Then she shares in the comments. I like to update my article as well, if you show me something new, on which no one should do without Cyberpunk!

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