Zipsers Returns: “15 seconds like 150 minutes”

Bayern Managing Director Marko Pesic is happy about the return of basketball professional Paul Zipser. The 28-year-old was on Wednesday evening in the Bundesliga for the first time after nine months and his brain surgery in June 2021 again on the parquet.

“Paul is a role model for me, as he mastered that. Although he sometimes, I have to say so, is peensed and his phlegma is his license plate. And was exactly his strength in this situation. He has done this really point for point, Every step he did, “officer Pesic said at” Magenta Paul Zipser “.

ZRL Season 5, Race 8 - ZCD

Zipser, international and former NBA professional, was replaced at 86:75 against Hamburg Towers for 15 seconds. “If you have followed him, from the rehab, where he could barely go. Was traveling with crutches. If you have witnessed everything, you have to say that these are 15 seconds like 150 minutes. These 15 seconds are for me A whole world that I am so happy, “Pesic added.

However, the Zipser comeback in Munich had been overshadowed by a serious accident of his teammate Nick Weiler-Babb. The American rushed to the ground for a dark experiment, was temporarily unconscious and had to be brought by the parquet with a stretcher. The investigations in the hospital showed a serious concussion of a message from the club in the late evening.

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