Report of drift phenomena early to portable gaming PC “Steam Deck” -Valve “firmware side problem” and answer [UPDATE]

The stick drift phenomenon has been reported at Portable Gaming PC “ Steam Deck ” that Valve was released to overseas time on February 25.

In the video attached to the post of the Reddit user U / Kimjongthorse and U / Hollandje, a phenomenon called “drift” occurs when the operation is input even if the stick not touched the stick mounted on the Steam Deck. Both seem like it is occurring with the right stick.

A phenomenon called stick drift is a problem reported by various platform controllers such as PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendose switch. VALVE’s Steam Deck designer for this problem is that “sticks can be replaced relatively easily because the stick is an independent module rather than attached to a large board.”

Valve announced that replacement parts can be purchased last month, but repairs in your own are deprecated.

※ Update (2022/03/02 11:09): VALVE staff reported that this drift problem is due to dead zone regression due to firmware update. Currently, patches to address the bug are delivered. We updated headings to meet the information of this tweet.

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