Heres why the Fiasco Xbox Live Gold is a big deal

In a nearby turnaround, Xbox canceled its decision to change the price of the Xbox Live Gold. “Change” here, which means they have tried to double the rates and that people have completely lost their shit, which is only appropriate. Listen, guys: we are like frogs, okay? If you’re going to boil alive, you have to do it _Lead. None of this by pushing the dial at 11 and leaving for smoking, we are more aware that. But the reaction to this fake hilarious step is only half of the story. No, which is really interesting is that complaining in mass worked for once. All the players make is slut! We are extremely good in this area! So why this time was it different?

!@#$% over het draaikont-gedrag Microsoft rond Xbox Live Gold abbo
The short answer is the money, obviously. If people were starting to unsubscribe from the service, Microsoft employees would be limited the next day. The bonuses deflated like balloons, the heads would be on spots in the front yard, the whole song and the dance. But companies are constantly undergoing the negative reactions of customers. Hell, EA absorbs shots of this magnitude once a year, and they continue somehow moving, you know? So why did Microsoft responded so fast? This may have something to do with their last console launch.

Now, listen to me. If you, one of the three largest play companies on earth, take out a new console, you will want games for this console. Ideally, you want half a dozen absolute bars delivered the day of the launch. Microsoft has had a lively harvest of nil launch exclusives last November. It meant that their online services, their play passes and their lives on Xbox were suddenly very important. If people stop buying access to their digital catalog and their multiplayer service, there is nothing else ‘Xbox’ to spend your money. The good ship series is essentially consisting of three wooden planks and a bed sheet at this point. I am surprised that they did not televise a trainee executed as penance. Microsoft needs the goodwill of consumers si mal right now, and they tried to double the price of multiplayer online? Good God, why?

If nothing else, a hard lesson has been learned by Microsoft. As long as the X series does not contain actual games, the price of Xbox Live can not even increase by one percent. And even in this case, try a small increase first. Maybe a dollar more per month! Netflix does it all the time, and we hardly notice it.

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