Valve embarks to “Elden Ring” optimization in “Steam Deck” -Configured next week

Valve’s engineer Pierre-Loup Griffais is working on optimization work for “ Steam Deck ” of the new software “ Elden Ring “, which is released last week. It was revealed.

The same work has been confirmed to work with Steam Deck from the Valve official page, but in the PC version, various problems occur, including lower frame rate drops from the date of release. The other day, the update file was distributed to fix some of them.

According to this tweet, there is a defect that “stuttering” occurs when playing this work with Steam Deck. Currently, Valve’s graphic team is optimized for this defect, and will be corrected through “Proton” next week. In addition, people who want to try now can be used from “Proton Experimental”.

This device is undecided in Japan. VALVEs are expected to be optimized by their own initiatives, and it is expected that each game can be played comfortably by receiving it at the hand of Japan’s general consumer.

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