The PS5 and the PS4 Platinum of Gran Turismo 7 will take time but will be achievable

According to Sony’s own statistics, only 0.1% of GT SPORT owners managed to unlock the platinum trophy. This is because Polyphony Digital included absolute gongs, requiring 91 online wins and a ridiculous amount of XP to reach level 50. It seems that the Japanese developer has learned his lesson, because the trophies of Gran Turismo 7 are a lot. simpler overall.

Gran Turismo 7 - State of Play Deep Dive 4K | PS5, PS4
After a number of copies shipped early in the United States this weekend, GT Planet browsed the full list of PS5 and PS4 trophies. It’s not very different from GT Sport, and you will unlock many trophies naturally, thanks to a normal gameplay. This includes tasks like washing a car ten times or take 100 photos.

There are still gongs taking time. For example, you will need to go around 87 miles in total multiplayer online, which will take you a few hours. You will also need Gold to all licensing tests, which could be delicate if you find the difficult simulation racing games. The rest is easy enough, however; You will need specific cars in some situations, such as 373 mph, but the majority will come without trying.

You can view the complete list on GT Planet, but make sure to return and tell us if you are aiming for the platinum trophy in the comments section below.

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