Ubisoft moves the controversial major from Rainbow Six victories to the UAE

About 48 hours after became known that one of RAINBOW SIX’s ESPORTS MAJORS will take place from year 7 in the United Arab Emirates, Ubisoft announced that it intends to relocate the event after a community counter-reaction.

Victories Esports fans, Caster, Creator of content, Players and even Ubisoft employees reported in the social media loud after the first announcement that the VAE would be the host of a major this year. The criticism resulted from the country’s anti-LGBT laws and tolerances, and many criticized Ubisoft for clouding the hard work of Rainbow Six victories to make both the game as well as the competition scene is inclusive and acceptable.

The counter-reaction of the community also saw the creation of a petition request to Ubisoft to lay the Major of the UAE. The petition reached a little more than 13,000 signatures before Ubisoft announced today that it would find a new host for the event.

“We would like to emphasize that the safety and well-being of all participants and employees of our events are always a priority concern,” says Ubisoft: “And we are proud of what Rainbow Six SiX represents victory as a world, in variety, Inclusion and acceptance are the focus. “

During the developer, he says that he had advised with different bodies before he opted for the UAE – and especially for the capital Abu Dhabi – to ensure that all “involved and welcome”, “he hears loud and clear That members of the international custody community question this election “.

The major will now move to another Esports region of Rainbow Six, but a close location is not fixed yet.

Despite the decision to relocate the major, Ubisoft says that it will continue to support the MENA region when it comes to competitive victories, and says it’s “humble” about the commitment of fans in the region and the staff, the Working in his studio in Abu Dhabi.

I’m proud that our community has become loud, I am pleased to see where we landed here.

I hope that the human rights one day will be supported in the region without having to support international companies and printing. The UAE has changed tons in the last 20 years. Hopefully more in the future. ???? ️ ???? https://t.co/em8vybjye

-Emi | Fluke (@captainfluke) 22. February 2022

Many critics of Ubisoft have the rapid procedure when laying the major, including the Caster, Parker, Interro ‘Mackay and EMI “Captain Fluke” Donaldson.

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For year 7, victories will travel esports for Majors one and three to the United States and Asia. Today’s announcement now leaves the second major in the air, but a European nation seems to be a probable candidate for a host. The SIX Invitational 2023 is currently also taking place without hosts, as Ubisoft woves all options.

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