Destiny 2 Screen Gap – how to fix

For games with live services, it is characteristic of some problems, especially after the major content update. The recent launch of the “Queen Witch” add-on led to some technical problems. Some players report that the recent update caused the screen gap. That’s how you can solve this problem and return to the game.

The screen break occurs when you the display frequency and frame frequency of the graphics processor are not synchronized . This can be seen as a horizontal separation in one or several places on the screen. This usually happens when players try to start the game with a higher frame rate than the display allows. Destiny 2 is not new to this problem, and it appeared in past updates.

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Fortunately, for this problem there is a pretty simple solution that Bungie itself recommends that all players who may encounter it. In Destiny 2, players can access their settings and go to the Video tab . Here you want Reset these default settings . You can find the button used for this in the lower right corner of the screen. It should solve the problem and stop the screen break.

If you are still encountered with a problem after performing the workaround described above, you must publish your problem to Bungie’s reference forums. This will quickly attract the attention of Bungie, and they will help you solve the problem directly.

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