How to play GOG games on Steam deck

Steam Deck from Valve is conceived as a portable gaming device similar to Nintendo Switch. While Switch allows gamers to play Nintendo games on the go, Deck allows players to take games for PCs on the go. However, since this device created by Valve is compatible with only Steam.

This means that other services that players are used for PC games are not officially supported by Steam Deck. These other services include GOG and Epic Game stores. But the GOG account on Twitter shared a very simple bypass way to play the players to play GOG games. Since works on desktops with Windows, Players will simply need to install Windows to their Steam deck and go to in Windows. .

We do not recommend this to do. It is not supported by Steam and can cause problems with your Steam deck.

Similarly, players are likely to gain access to the Epic Games Store website through Windows On The Deck. Technically, this is not a formal way to play Epic Games and Gog on deck, because none of the platforms makes sense to maintain the device of one of their largest competitors. At least, the deck will not be a lack of games, since it is reported that Steam’s deck can run about 400 items from Steam.

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Steam Deck will be launched on February 25. To learn more about everything related to Steam, including How to make Pre-ordered Steam Deck Continue to read Pro Game Guides.

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