[Review] FHD, lets stop now. Samsung Odyssey G5 32AG520

Currently, the author has become an all-purpose sub-monitor FHD monitors. Pushed the new QHD resolution display of newly acquired fortress I have never seen a striking addition to any other screen capture site or image. But depending on who was friends with so far high-resolution monitor out before, also use IT products in one tablet hagien seems to be a crowd. Of course, it will vary from person to person.

This delicious looking ppuninde certainly have changed one resolution he is different. Unlike when using existing monitoring and sourdough and crisp picture quality, which is a smooth transition to the screen without beobeokim. I did a great experience when doejin replace the keyboard or mouse, it’s big coming-line to monitor one’s change this. Game skills also seems a little to the right. ~~ ~~ as well as multi-tier

From UHD monitor boasts vivid image quality with 4K higher and wider, such as ultra-wide monitor both good monitor, but are also being sold on the market a lot, I still consider the difficult circumstances wallet hagien buy a monitor with a higher resolution than that. QHD enough to reasonably compromise seems to be a reasonable choice.

If the display of QHD resolution, but also equipped with the proper size and performance, the graphics card is also, I think the best of the monitor is difficult to find in recent years. Among today recognize the monitor is Samsung Odyssey G5 S32AG520 monitor. Fruitful monitor with an IPS panel with a high refresh rate, 1ms response rate of 165Hz. If you look closely into the various techniques adopted for a number of useful features and improved image quality. Let’s check with a picture.

■ Product Information

Samsung Odyssey G5 S32AG520

  • size: 32 inches (80.1cm)

  • Type: Flat Panel Monitor

  • Aspect ratio: 16: 9 (wide)

  • panel : IPS panel

Resolution * : 2560 x 1440 (QHD)

  • The maximum refresh rate : 165Hz

  • response rate : 1ms (GTG)

Brightness * : 400cd

  • Contrast Ratio: 1,000: 1

  • gamut : sRGB: 99%

  • display terminal : HDMI 2.0 x1 / DP 1.2 x1

  • Bessa Hall : 100 x 100mm

  • not sink if compatible : FreeSync Premium / G-Sync compatible support

  • stand: the pivot (-2.0˚ (± 2˚) ~ + 92˚ (± 2˚)) / swivel (-15˚ (± 2˚) ~ + 15˚ (± 2˚)) / tilt support (-11˚ (± 2˚) ~ + 15˚ (± 2˚))

  • HDR : VESA DisplayHDR 400 support

Size * : (stand) 714.6 x 602.9 x 311.1 (mm)

  • Weight (with stand) 7.5kg

  • Price: 665,000 won (by 14/02/22, the official factory)

■ Product Overview

QHD a suitable 32-inch size (2560×1440) display resolution. Gaming monitor the outstanding neat appearance. Grungy also quite excellent color representation by adopting an IPS panel. Support brightness and HDR400 up to 400cd allows expression and details in dark areas at the same time as jjanghan color.

High refresh rate and 1ms response rate of 165Hz is not even show a smooth, seamless transitions beobeokim in FPS games, you can play it even more pleasant. NVIDIA supports AMD not sink and pre-sync delay and worry and jagged also can reliably hold.

In addition and in the G5 monitor includes a variety of functions. 21:09 Ultra wide functionality can secure a broad perspective in FPS games, racing games and sports using, you can use additional features to the game that was versatile image viewer that was set as taste. Use the pivot, swivel, tilt the monitor can be moved freely.

■ haebolkka direct?

Samsung Odyssey G5 Review! One of the Best Budget 1440p Monitors?!

.. and finishing ■

High refresh rate of 165Hz, FPS that outcome left a moment to 1ms response rate and RTS, more profitable, nor even AOS game, also improved beobeokim and delays G5 32AG520S Samsung Odyssey is steadily functions as a gaming monitor the chaenggin monitor.

Despite the VA panel to adopt IPS panel monitor gaming show jjanghan color and showed a rather satisfactory performance in the video viewer. Through the black shadows equalizer, Low input lag functions, a variety of modes, such as the monitor, which reduces the input rack can adjust the brightness of satisfactory can be used effectively.

Thanks to a garage full of various gaming functions can be comfortably used with console games and Steam games. Manjiman also recently various monitors 40-inch gaming monitor or a high-specification, which releases in due to turmoil suitable compromise when supply and demand are difficult to saw, consider a graphics card varies widely beating prices, etc. as also a good choice to use the Samsung Odyssey G5 32AG520S think.

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