Bethesda speaks of NASA

A tiny new teaser and a new interview: at all corners, Starfield’s coming sci-fi roleplay is spoken, which is to become more realistic than some may accept.

In an interview with Xbox Wire, several Bethesda developers and artists talk about Starfield – and describe the style of the game with the term, NASA punk ,. What exactly that means explain to Xbox Wire:

* At the beginning of the project, we tried to define the overarching aesthetics of the game and have landed in the term ‘NASA punk’ – which describes a sci-fi universe, which is a bit of down to earth and more comprehensible * , “Explains the Starfield Lead Artist isvan Pely.

Nasa-punk in the case above all things that Starfield is oriented directly to the current state of science – and looks to the future from this point. Nothing with sci-fi fantasy elements so that would be completely impossible for our current knowledge. Pely continues to say:

We wanted something really realistic.

_How would it be with a look in the new teaser too starfield? _

Starfield ● Бесконечный мир в Старфилд?

No magic in Starfield? But maybe scientifically explainable miracles

There are many scientific theories that are not proven but would be theoretically implementable. If Starfield tries to try a reasonably realistic look into the future, that does not have to mean anything bad. Generally, Science Fiction means that scientific findings are worked – Star Trek is a good example.

As for a possible magic system in Starfield , Bethesda could certainly come up with something. Ultimately, sophisticated technology in the distant future is no longer distinguishable from a certain point of magic. Implants , gene manipulation or forces of alien forms of life – realistic is not possible in the case of sci-fi _Heutzude.

Starfield should already appear according to Bethesda this year, namely on November 11, 2022. It is therefore not unlikely that you can soon throw a close look into the game – such as in a trailer, the more about the gameplay Betray.

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