Call of Duty Warzone cheats on “Allzeit depression”

If there is one thing, the Call of Duty Warzone bothers most, then it’s scam. Grammers have been flushing in the Free-to-Play Battle Royale of Call of Duty since the first day, and without a reasonable anti-cheat, players were often helpless, as malicious actors ruined their games. However, it looks like Ricochet, the new anti-cheat of Call of Duty, actually makes good work.

In a new update published on the official Call of Duty Blog, Team Ricochet says that it has seen a “significant decline in cheat reports in the game” since the introduction of the kernel-level driver in December. The system apparently allows the team to quickly identify and disable infringing accounts, which brings the cheating over the holidays to an “all-time low”.

However, if you have recently played a game, you know that the system is not perfect. Reports on scam seem to have increased since the start of Season 2 – something that Team Ricochet admits that it is true and says it is investigating. Despite the rise, however, was “not at the level he had in Verdansk”.


One way to use the team’s problem is the introduction of his damage sign. While this feature that removed the damage of a cheater has already been mentioned casually, this is the first time that we receive the confirmation that it was no longer tested and introduced worldwide.

The system enables legitimate players to harm the scammers without consequences, and gives the RICOCHET team enough time to collect data on the scammers. The blog, however, points out that the damage tag is never randomly or accidentally applied – it is only used when a fraudster has been identified.

Of course, this is not the only thing Team Ricochet works. The anti-cheat team says that there are several other functions in work, some of which are live, others are in development.

While these are great news for Warzone players, especially for those who want to achieve these victories with the best Warzone weapons, it is reassuring that Team Ricochet admits that “work is never done”.

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