Nintendo is “destroying” its history, says the history of video games

In the week it was revealed that the virtual stores of Wii U and 3DS will close their doors next year, thus eliminating the possibility of playing thousands of titles in an official way. This decision has caused a series of criticism from the public, with the majority pointing out that this leaves users with very few legal options to enjoy certain experiences. Now, This discussion has joined the History Foundation of Videogames.

The History Foundation of Videogames is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving, celebrating and teaching the history of games, who recently published a statement on the closure of these Eshop. Although they comprise the reason why this will be carried out, criticize Nintendo for the lack of options, or interest, to maintain the legacy of video games . This was what they commented:

“While it is unfortunate that people can no longer buy 3DS or Wii U digital games, we understand the commercial reality that was taken in this decision. What we do not understand is what path you expect by Nintendo to take your fanatics, if you wish to play these games in the future. As a paid member of the Entertainment Software Association, Nintendo actively finances the lobby that prevents even libraries from providing legal access to these games. Do not provide commercial access, it is understandable, but avoiding institutional work to preserve these titles in addition to that is actively destructive for the history of videogames. We encourage ESA members as Nintendo to reconsider their position on this topic and work with existing institutions to find a solution. “

Although in the end he is asked to Nintendo reconsider his actions and do something to preserve the history of this medium, the Japanese company has made it clear that * they do not intend to offer some kind of classic content beyond the online switch service * , which surely is a disappointment for more than one.

On related topics, here you can learn more about the closure of the Eshop in Wii U and 3DS. In the same way, these are some of the games that will be lost after this closure.

Nintendo Destroying its History for Nintendo Switch Online?
Editor’s note:

The decision to close these stores leaves users in a complicated position. When blocking official access to a series of classic games and part of the history of this and more companies, the only solution for any will be the non-legal roads, which causes a great conflict.

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