Olympia – New York Times: Three Heart Couples in Walijewas Sample

New details in the “Case” Kamila Walijewa: According to the information of the new York Times in the doping sample of the 15-year-old figure skater, three different substances have been discovered for the treatment of heart problems – a prohibited and two allowed. This is what a document presented in the hearing about the starting permission of the Russian in the individual competition of the winter games in Beijing before CAS.

Walijewa, who won the short program on Tuesday after the vortex and launched in the freestyle on Thursday as a favorite, had argued before the judges of the Ad-Hoc Commission of the Sports Court of Sports Court, her sample on the medium Trimetazidine had been contaminated by a medicament of her grandfather. This was confirmed by the Swiss Denis Oswald, chairman of the IOC Disciplinary Commission.

According to new York Times, Walijewas grandfather in a video message declared the Russian anti-doping authorities of the Rusada, he takes the drug trimetazidine to treat “attacks”. Russian media reported Walijewa said allegedly drunk from the same glass as her grandfather. Her mother said Walijewa take the substance hypoxes against cardiac arrhythmias. In addition, L-Carnitine appeared in the analysis, which can help against circulatory disorders.

A justification that poses doubts. “The amount for a positive doping sample can not get into the body by saliva on a glass edge,” quotes the _ image_ the pharmacologist Fritz Sörgel. He calls for a precise follow-up of all samples of Walijewa: “One should make that scientifically optimally. The latest analytical methods increase the detection option compared to those in a doping laboratory by a factor of five.”

Walijewa had been tested on the Russian championships on December 25, the result of the sample, which was evaluated in the Laboratory in Stockholm, but was only on February 8 – one day after the victory of the Russians in the Olympic Team Competition. Nevertheless, the Rusada Walijewas suspended, IOC, the World Anti-Doping Agency Wada and the skating world association ISU, on the other hand, went into vocation, but lost in front of the CAS.

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The justified his judgment with the age of Walijewas, which in need of protection as under 16-year-old. In addition, it had no chance of reacting by the delay in the evaluation of the sample to react legally to suspension. An exclusion from the games in Beijing would have added Walijewa ‘irreparable damage’, said the CAS judges. Whether and which sanctions of the European champion threaten, only in a further procedure is decided after the games in which they are subject to reserve.

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