Lost Ark: How to play with the control command of Xbox and PlayStation

At the time of playing Lost Ark, the successful Amazon Games game that is beating all kinds of records, especially with its number of simultaneous players, normal is to use a keyboard and a mouse to fight and travel around the world of Arkesia. However, one may prefer to enjoy this MMORPG using a control knob .

Lost Ark Controller Support | How to Play Lost Ark with a Controller (Xbox, Playstation & Nintendo)
Well, you will be happy to know that the title is compatible with the Xbox and PlayStation controls, so in the following guide we are going to take a cable to use any of them.

How to play with the control knob of Xbox and PlayStation

The way to activate the control knob is very simple and actually connecting to your pc any of Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PS4 or PS5 that you should be sufficient. In principle, the game will detect them as soon as you start the game, but this case may not occur.

If so you will have to open the game menu of Lost Ark and in the configuration you will see a section to select the control knob . Once there you only have to click on the corresponding option to use it and with that I should be enough.

Even so, there is a second way to play with command, although in this case you should direct them to the Steam parameters . In the menu on the left you will see a section called “MANDO” and within it the option “Exites of the control“. Once inside you will only be selected the boxes corresponding to the command you have connected.

From that moment you can play with command or with keyboard and mouse, what is most comfortable. Of course, it should be noted that the interface is designed for the use of the Xbox knob, so you will see lyrics in the skills instead of the PlayStation symbols.

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