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IMPACT GENSHIN is a greatly open world full of weapons and artifacts to collect, characters to build, missions to complete, events to attend and places to explore. The world of Teyvat houses many dangerous mysteries and enemies, many of which can be difficult to face without a little help. Our impact Genshin Guides Hub should help TEYVAT rookie travelers start their trips, or help veterans find information that maybe they did not know. Read on to know the TechRaptor guides for impact Genshin below!

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What is the best way to start in impact Genshin?

Jumping in impact Genshin can be overwhelming, so we have prepared some guides to guide him through the basic concepts.

Other Foundation impact Genshin Guides

IMPACT GENSHIN Character Guides

Whether they are acquired throughout the main history or in limited event banners, impact Genshin is full of characters to acquire, level up, build and create equipment. These guides will help you discover how to create specific characters in impact Genshin.

Pyrotechnic characters

Hydro characters

Characters Anemo.

Geographical characters

Electronic characters

Cryogenic characters

impact Genshin Elements

Each character in impact Genshin exerts a vision, a sample of ambition, which is granted when they reach a variable level of aspiration. These visions grant access to elementary skills. Elements in impact Genshin Do different things depending on how they interact with each other.

Elements, elementary resonances and elementary disadvantages

When different elements are used, enemies and allies can be affected by various disadvantages. Having multiple allies with the same vision on your team will grant an elementary resonance benefit.

Elemental reactions

In battle, the elements of allies and enemies will interact, creating different effects that can damage your character and enemies. The strategic use of these elementary reactions is key to success against high-level enemies.

IMPACT GENSHIN Mission and puzzle guides

The missions are most of what the players will do in impact Genshin, in addition to exploring. Often, the missions will be linked to exploration, which means that the two go hand in hand.


Missions Liyue.

Inazuma missions

IMPACT GENSHIN Fight guides against heads

The bosses can be found at the end of a long chain of missions or can be frequented places weekly that should be grown to obtain characters materials. The bosses are formidable enemies that require a strategy to defeat them in impact Genshin.

impact Genshin Frequently asked questions

Genshin Impact Beginners Guide: 25 Tips for New + Returning Players

is impact Genshin Free?

Impact Genshin is completely free. The microtransractions in the game allow players to buy costumes, battle passes, digital currency and grilled rolls.

GENUSHIN IMPACT supports the cross game?

Yes, impact Genshin allows cross-playing and multiplatform game services between mobile devices (iOS and Android), PC and PlayStation. Note that the currency purchased on PlayStation can only be used in PlayStation, but once it is used, the items acquired with it can be used on any platform.

Players can also play cooperative mode with other players on any platform.

If your PSN account is linked to evil impact Genshin Account, use our impact Genshin How to unlink the PlayStation account guide

When is CO-OP unlock in impact Genshin?

Cooperative mode will be unlocked once players reach the range of adventure 16. Cooperative mode allows players to fight against bosses, challenge domains and more on a team.

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