The control of Series X

The new Xbox series X | s controls are not really so different from those who had the xbox one, However, the ‘ share **’ button has been a novelty that many Thank you, especially content creators. And the good news is that in the future, this button will have a greater personalization thanks to an update.

Currently, members of the program Xbox Alpha Insiders are testing a new function that allows them to completely customize the ‘ share ‘ button, so you can do more things that just capture photos and videos. Specifically, it will be possible to assign this button to one of the following functions:

– Open the Xbox Guide

– Send a message

– Look for

– Start an application or a game

– Play / Pause means

– Upload, lower or mute the volume of the TV

– See achievements, friends or groups

– Access quick configuration

– Alternate nocturnal mode, color filters, narrator or magnifying glass

Similarly, it will be possible to assign different functions depending on how long you leave it pressed or if you press it instantaneously. This function is not yet available for users in general, but it is estimated that it does not miss too much time for public launch.

And talking about controls, remember that the infamous control duke for xbox series x | s has already arrived at Mexico and here you can know models and prices available.

CONTROL - Часть 1, Xbox Series X (4K - 60 FPS)

Editor’s note: I think it is inevitable that in the future, Xbox Lance control inspired by DualSense technology. Previously we saw that Xbox launched a survey to know what dualsense functionalities would like to have users in the company’s controls, so we will see how this possible product is.

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