Marvel Super War is now online!

Last updated 2 years ago

The release date of Marvel Super War was yesterday, finally! Marvel Moba from Neetase, featuring many families well known both hero and wicked, finally emerged after a long period of development, closed and open beta tests and hype. It would always open its doors gradually, one country at a time, but it is now available in Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, India and Malaysia. It is hoped that this selection of territories will expand in the coming days.

Nevertheless, the official launch of Marvel Super War is December 19th, yesterday, and the developer calls all the heroes to join their next Héro of Comics Moba Extravaganza. This is the first time that Marvel characters go up on the ring of a multiplayer online combat arena, and everyone hopes, very high! The beta test phase of the game has already worn off some first reviews , while the full range of things is now there and it looks awesome!

MARVEL Super War is released today!

Names like Deadpool, Black Widow, Magneto, Hulk, Star-Lord, Captain Marvel, Ice Man and others are just the tip of the iceberg, because it will probably be the first time that the whole marvel universe is included In one title (from the Games Old School Marvel Ultimate Alliance). We have prepared an entire section of our site to present everything on the game, which already includes the lists and other new updates on the road.

As MOBA, this title will bring all the characters in a familiar environment that needs to be a fast PVP action in a standard 5V5 configuration. There are three ways, servants, towers and buildings, with an inevitable action in the jungle and many other features derived from proven recipes like League of Legends, Dota and similar games. This competitive online multiplayer configuration allows players not only to compete in their individual skills, but also to make their team as balanced and well composed as possible.

The game is developed as a collaboration between Marvel and Netease. Now nenetse is an experienced Chinese computer company with extensive experience in the field of video game. They often work with Blizzard and are directly responsible for bringing the local versions of World of Warcraft, Warcraft III, Diablo III, Starcraft, Hearthstone, Overwatch and others. Their best-known titles include Fantasy Westward Journey Franchise, Kung Fu Panda 3, Chrono Blade, Rules of Survival, as well as other royal battle games.

The launch of Marvel Super War in North America should also arrive very soon… ISH. The pre-registration event was valid until December 12, which unlocked Level 5 pre-registration event rewards, including HawKeye. As with all MOBA, some heroes will be open to all, some will have to be unlocked (or purchased). The game follows the frantic pace of mobile game platforms, which means that the games will be short, about 15 minutes on average or less.

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