Xbox announces the first games of Game Pass in February

Xbox Game Pass FEBRUARY Lineup IS AMAZING | BIG AAA Games + MASSIVE APRIL Game Announced
Xbox has revealed the first budding remeals of the month of February, which will be arriving throughout the first fortnight.

Going direct to grain, the first round will be available from Thursday, February 3, with three new titles. Two of them will be Dreamscaper , a roguelike that will separate its approach between stages of sleep and vigil sleep; and TELLING Lies , from which partner Marta Trivi spoke in her analysis to redial the good make Sam Barlow when opening a new way for interactive narrative, both available on PC, consoles and cloud. Contrast , a game that will allow us to become our shadow to advance on stage, you can play the same day, but only in Xbox and Cloud Gaming.

On February 10, Thursday of next week, the following remittance will come to the service, with Edge of Eternity (Available release), Skul: The Hero Slayer , The Last Kids On EARTH AND THE STAFF OF DOOM AND BESEGE , which can be played on all platforms. Of course, the last one is a preliminary version, since it is still under development. It is not the only one who has a trap that arrive on day 10, because there is also a Crossfirex available for consoles on the day of its launch, although with a small nuance: you can only play the first mission of the mode Campaign, Operation Catalyst.

There are still two more games, which will be added on February 14. And are so suitable for the day of lovers as ARK at its Ultimate Survivor Edition E Infernax , an adventure with Dyes of Castlevania, the two available at Cloud Gaming, PC and consoles,

The French Forum Dealabs filtered all these new additions shortly before the official announcement, same web that has been revealing the PlayStation Plus games a few days before for several months. It seems that by February they did not convince them the Sony service catalog and have preferred to save the revelations for Microsoft, which has not been able to endure the level of the latest remittances.

In the filtration, in fact, those that will also leave the Game Pass catalog soon, all of them on February 15. Will be control , Code Vein , The Medium , Project Winter and The Falconeer On All Platforms, In addition to * Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age * , which is only available on PC and consoles.

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