UFL: a new football game to compete with FIFA and PES, here is Gameplay

While the teenors of the genus that are FIFA and PES (now efootball) are in transition, a third actor is strolling the ground with his new crampons. UFL, since it is from him which it is, is an effect a new football simulation, announced in August 2021 and revealed some of his secrets on the gameplay side through a livestream facingly orchestrated. Led drum under Eugene Nashilov, the CEO of the Strikerz Studio, the presentation was explanatory and reassuring, explaining that UFL wants to be a modern game without its reflection, “far from the problems that could hinder the progression of the kind” _. The studio, certainly unknown to the general public, is however composed of motivated people, ready to evolve virtual football to new horizons. Beautiful promises that have managed to convince a certain Cristiano Ronaldo who becomes the ambassador of the game and who did not hesitate to speak to explain his desire to work with Strikerz.

UFL: НОВАЯ ФУТБОЛЬНАЯ ИГРА! Убийца FIFA и PES или пустышка? Всё об игре от Strikerz Inc

Visually quite close to what is happening at competition, UFL promises to be fun and competitive, two important aspects for the parts between friends, on the couch or online, or more pleasant. Other modes have been reflected for the game, as a pretty good version of was, a story to give biscuit to players between two real matches. It will however be possible to evolve his player and his club over the games and victories, knowing that the tactic can be adapted according to the results obtained. Otherwise, know that UFL will try to get partnerships with clubs, knowing that As Monaco, Besiktas, Borussia Mönchengladbach, Celtic Glasgow, Shaktar Donetsk, Glasgow Rangers, Sporting Portugal and West Ham United.

The output of UFL is expected for this year and will be available for free on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series and Xbox One.

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