Steam: Construction Darling is back with new DLC

City Ausimulation Cities: Skylines quickly mutated the true favorite of construction fans. Now the game is back on Steam with a brand new DLC. There it could even move in released among the top places of the charts. Why there is criticism despite the success, you will learn now.

Cities: Skylines Airports conquers Steam

On January 25, the new Airports DLC from Cities: Skylines could even position the Steam Tospeller for a short time. (Source: Steam)

In the brand new content you can create detailed airport ** in urban areas – like the name. Designed own buildings, chooses from different types of aircraft and builds your own airline.

Manages your airport about ticket prices, gates and terminal connections – and see how your creation connects to the world. Existing systems such as tourism, industry and public transport are linked to it.

Building an International Airport surrounded by water (Airport DLC) | No Mods | Cities: Skylines

What is expected to be in the new extension, this trailer of Cities: Skylines Airports :

What do the fans say to expansion?

Despite the initial cometant ascent in the Steam charts, the Airports DLC can currently only with a balanced rating on the part of the playing ones. Only 59 percent award a positive review. Why is that?

While many celebrate the basic idea of ​​enlargement and praised the degree of detail, many players encounter Herbe Performance Problems since they have installed the Airports extension.

Significant ruckler in the game are the result – whether on existing or completely empty maps. Also missing buildings in the construction interface are criticized.

Seems like Cities: Skylines Airports has some starting difficulties that would have to be repaired by the developer. It should also be noted that at the current time only 273 reviews will find for the DLC. The well-balanced rating is only a very early mood for the game.

In playing is a slight massive time to sink. But which games did you actually dedicated the most playing time in 2021? This shows this picture section :

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