CSGO: G2 ESPORTS presents its equipment for 2022 full of new faces

CS: Go fanatics have been playing with their thumbs for a few weeks. Although only small tournaments have appeared, we continue to expect the main circuit to resume their rights after the traditional year-end celebrations. Well, we have good news: The Spring Blast tournament begins on January 28 and will be completely followed on the Twitch channel of MGG in France . On this occasion, we will have the opportunity to see work To all the new signings that will change to the teams during the period of signing after the last major.

There is a lot of talk about the Franco-Danish campus of Team Vitality , presented as a team full of superstars. But we are anxious to see the first steps of g2 esports with your new and brand new roster in 2022. There have been many movements and although several stars have come out through the back door, there will always be players talented Between the samurai.

After M0nesy, two new recruits join

At the beginning of the year, G2 ESPORTS had already welcomed the young Russian sniper M0NESY , presented as the future S1MPLE of the professional scene of CS: Go. Since then, other rumors have been circulating about additional changes and after a wait that seemed endless, everything has become official: the samurai welcome the Finnish Aleksi “ Aleksib ” Virolainen, who was exchanged with Nemanja “ * Nexa * “Isaković to OG. The Ence Exjugator arrives with the fame of being a good strategist capable of foreseeing everything in advance. While he has been less effective in recent months, we hope he will find inspiration quickly.

MAD vs. G2 - Week 5 Day 1 | LEC Spring Split | MAD Lions vs. G2 Esports (2022)

Finally, a new coach has also arrived at G2 ESPORTS: Rémy “ XTQZZZ ” Quoniam. The former Team Vitality coach has found a new quality home and we hope to be entitled to a Vitality vs G2 match during the tournament. It should also be mentioned that, as expected, the French François “ Amanek ” Delaunay has been officially placed on the bench.

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