Simulation, History and many cars at the State of Play of Gran Turismo 7

Last night, the promised State of Play dedicated to Gran Turismo 7 , the new Polyphony Digital; The presentation, a month from the launch, served to learn in more detail the game, which arrives in time to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the series.

It was seen, for example, the campaign mode, in which you start from below and go progressing based on winning careers, buying better cars and improving those you already have. Here I think the protagonism took the great tourism coffee, one of the physical spaces that make up the game map, which is not only a very baroque challenge menu but it is also one of the contexts in which Gran Turismo 7 presents its Respect to the culture of the automobile, giving space even to the designers of the cars to explain their history and the reason for their work; In that sense, it seems the kind of game that can be passionate to someone who likes cars, or even wake up a new hobby in who does not have much interest for them.

There was talk of circuits and cars, of course. From the first, there will be 97 distributed in 34 locations; Of the second, “more than 400”, according to the video itself. You can get closer to the screen to see a few in the image below. What about the Japanese brochure that was filtered recently, we go.

Gran Turismo 7 - State of Play Deep Dive 4K | PS5, PS4

Everything related to the simulation of the physics of the cars and the climate of the circuits had a privileged space in the presentation. About the first thing, it is spoken in the video about how they collaborate with professionals to get the behavior but also the sensations are as similar to reality as possible; Hamilton, Lewis, No Alexander, is one of the advisors mentioned in the presentation. The climate is no less interesting, in my opinion, with a system that recalls DriveClub and that uses real data to simulate cloud behavior, for example, or the effect of heat in the wind; All this is crossed with the aerodynamic model to look for a similar simulation.

This seems to take advantage of DualSense, the command of PlayStation 5: watching the video can almost be the adaptive triggers moving with the suspension.

Different types of races, split-screen mode for two players or the different possibilities of the photo mode could also be seen in the presentation; You have it whole above all, at the beginning of this entry.

If you liked the music, by the way, there is already some playlist with the songs of the presentation:

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