Is Valves portable PC game machine “Steam Deck” surprisingly big? Size comparison images with Nintendo Switch and PS VITAs are posted one after another

The portable PC gaming machine “Steam Deck” in Valve will start shipping from February 25 to the Booked Purchaser, USA, Canada, Britain and EU. Prior to this, development kits are being started for developers, etc. Under these circumstances, a comparison image that understands the size of Steam Deck will also be posted, and it seems to have attracted attention.

YouTuber’s Cary Golomb also is one of Valve and STeam Deck early offers. He posted a large number of size comparison images with STEAM DECK and various game devices on February 4.

First, the image above is a comparison between Nintendo Switch (organic EL model) and game gear. As a device in the same style as STeam Deck, Steam Deck is the same as Nintendo Switch that will not be familiar to the gamer, but it can be confirmed that the horizontal width is quite large. The width of the controller part seems to be about twice the JOY-CON. The organic EL model of Nintendo Switch has a dimension of 3 mm longer than a normal model.

Mr. Golomb Besides, PS VITA, PSP, Game Boy Advance, Wii U GamePad, ATari Lynx, PC Engine GT, Virtual Boy, etc. also posted. As a result, while he owned, at least the width of the STEAM DECK was not a device. Two general game pads are arranged and finally the same width. The sense of STEAM DECK is likely to be the largest in many portable gaming devices.

STEAM DECK size is published as 298x117x49mm, but if you look side by side with familiar hands, you may not be easier to grasp the size. It has been found to be a relatively large device, but the display is 7 inches as Nintendo Switch (Organic EL Model), and still it seems that the width of the controller is mainly due to the width of the controller.

However, it may have been designed with priority to operability. In the play video of the following survival game “FlotSam”, it is found that fine operation is not difficult while using the characteristic touch pad in combination.

Steam Deck vs Nintendo Switch OLED!

Steam Deck is equipped with a custom APU made by AMD and pre-installed the latest version of Steamos. The Windows for Windows works with a compatible layer called Proton, and Valve is promoting its compatibility and performance verification. The STeam Store and the user’s library screen on Steam Deck will be compatible with each title. Also, if STeam Deck is sleeped, the save data is automatically uploaded to the STeam cloud.

Steam Deck will start shipping from February 25 for the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and EU. Although the release time in other countries / regions is undecided, Valve is guiding that it is working on sales in Japan and Australia, and in particular forces (related articles). I want to expect follow-up.

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