Phil sitcast: # 587 with WoW, Factions Borders, Boosting, Lost Ark and Guild Wars 2

After two weeks in which all sorts of Wow has happened, SEB, Matze and Phil sit again together in the virtual tone cabin. Among other things, they talk about the shocking news, that the fraction boundaries in WOW with patch 9.2.5 at least partially fall away and what opportunities contributes to World of Warcraft. Of course, is the ban on Boosting Communities , which was also announced out of the blue, a big topic. Following the three are still talking about the adaptation at the Kührerei and are not agreed whether thereby rinsing more or less leather into the game and how the * production of animal sets will work with the upcoming patch * .

Thereafter, Matze tells of his Anpay Appointment for the upcoming extension of Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons . In this we travel not only an area already known from the first part in a new robe, but there is also a new mastery, which ensures some discussion fabric.

Lost Ark

In the second part, Karsten joins in the virtual tone cabin and tells of his 70! Hours he has already put in the review socket before the release of Lost Ark and why the game is currently experiencing such a hype. Not only the fun combat system, but also the numerous endgame content as well as the largely fair Ingame shop, Karsten does not doubt that this hype is quite justified. But heard in his remarks.

The new episode listen directly here!

buffedCast: #587 mit WoW, Fraktionsgrenzen, Boosting, Lost Ark und Guild Wars 2
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Phil sitcast # 586

00:00:00 Welcome
00:04:40 WOW
01:06:02 Guild Wars 2
01:33:22 Lost Ark

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