Girl Fern chases the mystery of humanity Humanity Metroid Vania “Rusted MOSS” Demo version is released

Indie Leveloper FaxDoc has published the demo version of SunnyDaze and HappySquared and the currently jointly developed action adventure “ RUSTED MOSS “.

This game is a single-play work of 2D horizontal scrolling deployment set in the post-apocalypse world. It is also introduced to Metroid Vania, which was affected by the Barrage System Shooting.

The player has a rusted machine and a rusty-covered stage with PUCK as FERN, and an adventure of shooting weapons and grapping hooks to sniper rifle and hand cannon. We aim to elucidate the mystery of humanity despite fighting with the enemy and ferocious witches of monsters.

This is One of a Kind Metroidvania! We Play - Rusted Moss (new demo)

# Demonstration of demo version that can enjoy light mobility and battle

This time, the demo version of this work was published in ITCH.IO. Click the “Download Now” button to download. Click the link “No Thanks ~” and transition to the download page. You can also support any amount. Operation supports controller pads in the demo version, as well as keyboard and mouse. After the “comtes 2D 0.EXE” in the file is started at the time of startup, the game play that starts with the tutorial and the first boss match, and the gameplay to be banned by PUCK, which is one of the features of this work. I can do it. Feedback can be sent from Leave feedback on the ITCH.IO page.

“Rusted MOSS” which is fun to complete is a PC, which will be on PC and will be released in the fourth quarter, which will be in the second half of 2022 in STeam.

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