Dying Light 2: These 10 beginners

Beginner Tips on Dying Light 2: We supply ten tips on survival in the ZombiePocalypse of the city of Villedor. The tutorial introduces you gently into the open game world of the end-time adventure. Then you are put on you and ragged through the metropolis. Which resources are important whether your weapons can repair or what to pay attention to the Dark Zons for night excursions, we will explain you briefly and flush in the following beginner guide to the new Techland plant. On top of that, we definitely attach our test to Dying Light 2 to the heart. Here you will find all the details of the strengths and weaknesses of the Open World Adventure.

Dying Light 2 – 10 entry-level tips for game startup

The following ten tips are safely passed through the first class hours and missions.

Which resources are especially useful?

At the beginning of the game, you should really see everything you can get. Particularly cleats, parts, electrical parts, wires and Co. later you need to craft items, modifications, Molotov cocktails, knives and more. However, much more important are the treasures from the old world that can be found in green, blue or purple boxes or spindles. You sell these valuables at dealers and basically have no money worries. Later, you no longer have to empty any trash can or spind, but buy important basic resources very cheap with the dealers and then tinkes you the necessary items.

Which parkour skills are useful in the beginning?

Pay attention to enough endurance and life points when choosing the skills. Source: PC Games After the high-jump skill, you should first save the landings. Instead, you should invest in a firm grip. Here you stick to the flight by the ventilation to protrusions. This path also opens the way to quick climbing, which saves you endurance. With jump on the lead you climbs up just up. Make sure that you need a certain amount of stamina for parkour skills. So you should definitely do the anomalies or GRE buildings through inhibitors. Even during the first missions, you will receive a few inhibitors as a mission target or reward. Concentrates in the later skills on your preferences at the sprints by Villedor.

How do I get money quickly?

Loss is available in Dying Light 2 (Buy Now 89.99 €) basically not. You also sell the valuables already mentioned for dealers on a click. Before breaking weapons by the way, you should prefer to sell the dealer. You will always be adapted in the game world of your level always new machetes, axes and more. These will later be useless as soon as you rank up and finds better weapons. If unneeded weapons packs the intermediate warehouse or sells them right at the dealer to shake coal. Incidentally, the same applies to armor parts that you will not need later. Here you pay best on a good armor value. The other status improvements are nice, but you can neglect them too. In the later game, she also receives arches, which by the way do not lose durability.

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How do I fix in Dying Light 2 weapons?

There is also a way to repair in Dying Light 2 weapons – at least partially. Whenever you attach a mod to a weapon, a part of the durability is restored at the same time. The higher valued the gun (green, purple, beige) the more mods you can attach. The complete climbing consumes perseverance, your first inhibitors should definitely invest in stamina. Source: PC Games Repair On a click there is unfortunately not. But that’s not bad, because you will be heaped on your raids by Villedor with weapons. Pay attention to the damage values ​​and the type of weapon. Two-handers are slower, but cause more damage and break through coverings. One-way weapons are faster and consume less endurance.

Which items and tools do I need?

During the first missions with Hakon, your construction plans for knives, dietary, associations, and later also Molotov cocktails. We recommend that you equip Aiden with knives, routes and associations. Molotows are suitable for larger opponents. In your nocturnal excursions, you switch out howler with knives howler at a distance and thus prevents the hunt for you. Dietriche needs her for boxes or locked doors with prey. The use is done as in Fallout 3, except that it does not need improved lockpicks for medium or heavy locks. The upgrades at the master’s craft champion for the Dietrich construction plan only improve the durability. Mines, Fern-fired C4 and other items you save yourself. Get the Booster for your immunity for the night, which is much more effective than the UV fungi.

How do I fight fight against stronger opponents?

In some missions, it lands in the midst of a struggle against stronger opponents or a horde of zombies. Mostly in these areas are purely randomly knives, empty bottles, bricks and also throwing speech placed. Even gas cylinders that can ignite her, you will find it frequently and numerous placed. Be sure to use these tools, as the cram is quasi available for free. Throwing pears cause partly considerable damage, gas cylinders decimated zombiehords and put them on fire. With bricks and bottles, your opponent lags, which will then be vulnerable for further attacks. Later, you still skills perfectly dodging and blocking to place parkour attacks like jumps and kicks.

Where are nocturnal excursions worthwhile?

In the case of nocturnal fighting, you should keep an eye on your immunity. Source: PC Games To make a tidy booty, you should definitely do night excursions in GREA buildings or do the anomalies. Here you will find a lot of inhibitors with which their endurance and life points increased. For upgrades you need 3 doses inhibitor. But this also learns in the hospital mission with Hakon. In the night zombies and stronger zombies leave the buildings. You are browsing the best buildings or GRE systems at this time, as it is significantly lower from undead rove than the day. But it ensures that your immunity drops. You should best receive UV fungi or even immunity influences. Worried a good stock of it. If the stuff goes out, it flees from buildings and looking for hiding UV lamps. Some buildings are also aware of the daytime. Here you just search for an open window to regenerate immunity through natural UV rays. Is not thinking of an escape, then yokes a UV bar on the floor to restore your immunity. But beware, the bar goes out after a short time.


Definitely! Here you will meet a lot of characters of the game world and earn partly very easily rewards. As soon as your Biomarker reaches the bazaar, for example, you talk to Carlos. This would like to rise at the Champion master Alberto in the favor and needed for its new invention still parts. Did you live all in advance, so you already own the parts and give it to him. Thus, you dissolve the quest much faster. Many side quests are built in this way. At Carlos, for example, you will receive the WaffenMod Funke, the zombies additionally missed electric shock. So does not hesitate to doup missions. By the way, wind turbines and Nightrunner hiding place you should unlock whenever possible. These offer sleeping places as well as resources. Attention: For some wind turbines you need a lot of perseverance.

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When is the speed?

At the beginning of Dying Light 2 you renounced fast travel. Rather, you use the roofs of the city for parkour trips. The number of runs is relatively high, but in contrast, causes your secret places to discover, Items collects as well as random meetings and meet you with the rich game world. In Dachhainen, for example, you collect honey, chamomile or lavender and also find emergency weapons. The quick trip will first receive you after you reach the central ring. For this purpose, you just follow the storymissions. Later, you travel about the network of the old subway stations, which you just pick up on the map. Further access points are activated first before you can use it.

When can I finally find the bow?

Similar to the fast travel function, you will find the first bow later after a storymission. The advantage of bows: They do not lose durability and offer you the long-privileged ranged fight. The arrows are easy to make and hit opponents. Later, you also do opposing remote fighters precisely. Even thick chunks or mini bosses in anomalies do it with the bow made of safe distance. With the necessary fighting skills you improve your ranged capabilities. Especially howler can be switched off quickly and silently for night excursions.

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