The launch date of Steam Deck is revealed

Valve has officially announced the launch date of Steam Deck, which is the next portable PC platform created by the Portal and Half-Life developer. Previously, Valve confirmed that Steam Deck was on track to being sent to customers who blocked an anticipated order at the end of February, except unforeseen delays. Fortunately, this launch window has now been confirmed, and Valve now provides an exact date for the launch of the units.


In a new blog published in Steam, Valve today confirmed that Steam Deck will be officially launched on Friday, February 25. While, in general, it would be logical to think that this is the day when the units could reach customers, Valve made it clear that this date is that in which those who have already blocked an early order must end their purchase. «On February 25, we will send the first batch of order emails to the holders of the reservation. Customers will have 3 days (72 hours) from the reception of the email of your order to make your purchase, before your reservation is released to the next person in the queue, Valve told this process. The first units will be on the way to customers from 28, and we plan to launch new batches of electronic orders with a weekly cadence.

With this process of buying in mind, Steam Deck will probably not begin to appear formally at the doors of the clients until the first week of March as soon. And when it comes to those who may have asked in advance a Steam Deck long after the orders began, it is still unknown when they can begin to be sent. Luckily, Valve has created a tool on your website that helps clarify when you could start sending certain orders. Be sure to visit that page if you want to verify your own state.

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