This was the most difficult uncharted scene of filming for Tom Holland

It is no longer missing for the premiere of uncharted , film that will take the acclaimed naughty dog ​​ franchise to the big screen. These last weeks we have had a lot of promotional material to speak, and now Tom Holland , who will give life to Nathan Drake in the feature film, has spoken about the most difficult scene that had to shoot for production.

During a new look at the back of movie cameras, Holland said the following:

The sequence where we go on the back of the plane on the boxes – we filmed that for five weeks, almost every day. There were times when I was suspended at 100 feet over the air, tied to a box that was turning, and I just had to be hanging around until they threw me, and it was very frightening.


I think that level of fear only makes the scene more authentic. It is the most difficult sequence of action I have had to do.

Video game fans will remember this scene of Uncharted 3, Although curiously, the film is actually a prequel to the games, so it could actually be said that it is a kind of reference.

Uncharted reaches cinemas February 17, 2022.

Editor’s Note: With everything that has been shown about the Uncharted movie, the truth is that I still have work to feel excited about it. Just by the fact that he went through seven directors, from there it is already a bad sign that the final product could end up disappointing us.

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