The first union of the videogame industry is created!

During the last months, members of the Quality Control Team of Raven Software, Activision Study by Call of Duty War zone , entered strike, this with the aim of creating a workers’ union. Now, today it has been revealed that the efforts of these people have given a positive result, since are unionized with workers from the communication from America (CWA).

This group, known as Game Workers Alliance, is made up of 34 workers, and are asking Activision Blizzard to recognize this union in a voluntary way , which has the support of 78% of Raven workers. This was what Becky Signer said, Raven Software quality control evaluator:

Today, I am proud to join the vast majority of my co-workers to build our union, Game Workers Alliance (CWA). In the video game industry, specifically in Raven QA, people are passionate about their work and the content they are creating. We want to make sure that the passion of these workers is accurately reflected in our workplace and in the content we create. Our Union is how our collective voices can be heard by leadership.

For the part of it, Sara Stiffens, Secretary-Treasurer of Communications Workers of America, issued the following statement:


We ask that the Activision Blizzard management respects Raven’s quality control workers voluntarily recognizing CWA’s representation without hesitation. A collective bargaining agreement will give Raven’s quality control employees a voice at work, improving the games that produce and strengthen the company. Voluntary recognition is the rational path to follow.

This is the first union we see in an AAA study in the United States , since in other regions this has already happened. Without a doubt, a historical moment for workers in this industry. For its part, a representative of Activision Blizzard has issued the following statement:

The Company is carefully reviewing the Voluntary Recognition request of the CWA, which seeks to organize some three dozen of the almost 10,000 employees of the company.

Usually, quality control members are the worst workers paid in the industry and do not have some kind of job security. We saw this last month, when Raven’s employees were dismissed without much anticipation , and they were denied a stable contract to many more.

On related topics, some Activision Blizzard employees are concerned with the purchase of Microsoft. Similarly, this was what Phil Spencer commented on the unionization of workers.

Editor’s note:

This is a great moment for the industry. Being the first thing in anything is always difficult, but this is just the first step to offer better work spaces, without crunch or harassment, now we only have to wait and see if other groups of workers join this path.

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