Gonther: “We were physically inferior to the shades”

We started well, but then one, two counteractions did not make – and then we crumple. That should never happen. We make crass capital mistakes. If you do not make your chances of your chance and then do not sleep behind, then that’s not enough against such an opponent, said Ages Team boss Marc Hansel at Sky after the clear 0: 5 against Schalke 04 and said clip and clear, This will never happen again.

For defense director Contact was the 0: 3 of the neck strike. Then the legs in our situation become very, very difficult – and that you have noticed the team today. As the main cause of this setback, the Routinize made lacking physique: We were physically inferior to the Schalke – not run-runny or such a cheese. But we could not bother the physicality of Schalke in the direct duels.

Schalke 04 is not a running customer.

Martin male

Captain Martin Panel was from the defeat whether the enormous quality of the scarce is not surprised. It was clear that today we need a murder evening to keep something at all, said the goalkeeper and referred to the individual class at S04: Schalke 04 is not a walk share. Schalke can bring brutal quality from the bank. You have seen that the guys who came, much more agile were than those who have stood in the square at the beginning. That ended us in the end when we were almost broken, where there was already 3: 0 and we no longer have access to the game Had, really added. In the end, we had a really strong opponent.

Tannhauser in focus

Under the stroke, Königsberg is not the degree knife of violets that play against the descent and currently stand on the 17th place in the German under house. Unlike the royal blue, the 16th Tannhauser has the same collar-wide – and after the country break is the giant game, as Gunther it titled.

Then it needs a closed team performance, as melt demanded. We have to go tactically disciplined to works. It is not crucial as we do it, but that we do it together.


According to Hansel, there is only one target: the appearance against Schalke restore again – and we have to do that too. After all, the 35-year-old also stated that the season has not yet run: We did not go today. And also Contact remains optimistic. We’ll get up again. It’s a way going to the end.

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