[Yoshidas picture diary] Cooperative rescue adventure “Rescue Party: Live!”

Collection of the boring relatives of the law, a man who does not mote, a Christmas party of the people…… If there is one party game in such a case, a sad atmosphere will blow away and there will be no great exciting.

However, my family is not good with relatives, so there was almost no relationship with relatives, and the New Year holidays are spending a house.

For such me, the party game is not to play with everyone, alone…… It was…….

This time, Tag Studio works and software for PCs released from 505 Games Rescue Party: Live! . This work is a cooperative adventure game that combines a rescue team and performs multitasking in order to rescue a lot from various disasters.

We look forward to the usual play……, this time, we will deliver the appearance of online cooperative play with editing! After all such a game is not playing in a fun atmosphere that is crazy.

Bar standing strictly prohibited, moving!

A story mode and a tournament mode are prepared in this work.

Stage clear stories modes that perform rescue activities in various affected areas are possible to play cooperative with local or friends. The tournament mode can freely select the stage. This is also possible to play cooperatively with players other than friends.

First, let’s play the story mode with solo.

At the time of solo player, operate while switching between two player characters.

The content to be treated for each injured person is different.

The treatment content is displayed on the icon, and in the case of this injured person, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and disinfection are performed.

While one person is being treated, the other is back to me…… .

During the treatment, there is a waiting time for a few seconds, so switch to another character and prepares the next action, so you can efficiently rescue.

… although the first play was not good, it was not possible, but while I was playing cardiopulmonary resuscitation, the other character was just standing.

If you look at such a situation…

Senior employees Anna, do you think about some extent without instruction?
New employee…………………………..

Such a story has been developed in the brain.

By the way, when I was a new employee, it was a talented newcomer who predicts the employment of seniors in advance and prepares materials! (Stoker temperament)

As an aside, the company who worked at that time was freedom, so three people including me in the company.

Range rubble or erasing fire at the same time as rescue of injured……

After treating the injured person, it carries up to the place where there is an ambulance. This is a rescue completion.

Since the injured is carried from the next to the next, it is the purpose of this game to rescue as many people as possible until the time limit.

It would be in the middle of treatment, but if time comes out, it will end the game there.

You can go back at regular time…… What is a white workplace!

If the point is added according to the number of people rescued, the stage is cleared if the specified point is acquired. Let’s go to the next stage.

Various gimmicks are available for each stage, and on the central partially divided stage, how smoothly pass the delivery of supplies.

Rescue activities in flames and rubble need not only be treated with injured, but use a fire extinguisher to erase the fire or remove the rubble with the electric power tool to secure a passage.

A time limit that can be treated for each injured person is set. If you are doing something other than treatment, you will not be careful because rescue will not fit in time!

Even if the time limit is zero, another rescue member is automatically accommodated in the helicopter, The life of the person is because the person’s life is…! is a heavy development Do not. I was a little relieved.

If you can accommodate so quickly, I will not be separately not needed…?

Rescue is a foreign road rescue party aiming for the goal there!

When you clear some stages, shift to the next area.

At first, urban areas, next, in nature, the next is a flood area and a variety of areas.

In the urban area, move while being careful not to fall from the building.

In nature, flooding changes with the topography.

In the flood area, we secure supplies from the flowing ship. The area of ​​the stage also changes with the area by the area.

There are also long stages such as action games that are advancing while avoiding obstacles.

In this stage, since the scaffolding goes out of the starting point, it is necessary to move and move by the road to the rescue point of the goal, and to move the supplies and injuries. However, we can not carry supplies and injured simultaneously.

Towards so… I can not help even get abandoned, right?

Collaboration with a Bosch! Cooperation play

This work has been responded to online / local multiplays by up to four people, so we have been playing the editing and stories modes.

Editing is the first play, so I’m a skilled person I will tell you various things.

First, it contains from the use of the workbench. Bandages and squirting trees are crafts with workbenches!

However, editing was called toilet paper about the wrapping in a cylindrical shape without having to talk about my story. Subsume Toilet of the Year has been continuing for seven years and is a man with a strong commitment to the bathroom.

Certainly it’s a toilet paper, this….

If the lifted supplies and injuries can be thrown far! If you are blowing a senior wind in Bun bun…

I accidentally dropped the badness of the injured person on the valley.

The point is too bad and the way the point has been bad and the waiter’s part-time job… he said sadly past, but if it is bad in the way, I’m not losing. A 100% miss in the game limited game.

As a result of such a person who has cooperated…

Relief success 0 people……!

Because the clear time of one stage is about 3 minutes, it is good to be able to play with it as well as one stage only one stage before going to bed. As there are also rich stage gimmicks, it is too much for a while if they are in heat!

However, I accidentally picked up the supplies, such as I accidentally picked up the injury.

In Online cooperative play, I treat injured people, so I would like to make a role in the feeling such as a request for extinguishing activity, so I was overwhelmingly fun compared to solo. Even if two people were excited by this, there will be no doubt that there are many people if there are many people.

I would like to invite my friend’s Ohara-kun and Begun to home and play cooperating together. But they are 10 years each with them, but… but… but the breath does not fit at all.

RESCUE PARTY: LIVE! Is being delivered for PC (Steam / Epic Games Store).

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