Squidcraft Game: Everything you need to know of the new Macroevento of Streamers in Minecraft

Although several months have passed after its premiere, the squid game is still playing in full 2022 . After several weeks of preparation, the most famous content creators currently like Rubies, Autoplay and Comanche have created Squid Game Minecraft , a very small series (only 6 days) of Minecraft set In the work created by Korean Hwang Dong-Hyuk. From now on January 19 until next 23, the creators of content that we will announce later will be seen the faces to compete for a position at the end next January 24, the day in which the user will be known to be a good Amount of money: 100 thousand dollars for the Streamer who wins.

How and when you see the Squid Craft Games event?

All this competition will be touched by twitch itself, which has been called by a modality within twitch rivals , which, although it does not seem like it will be the own twitch Spain channel that it officially retransmit this competition that so much People for a few months ago. Comanche has been the main organized R, but Rubies and Autoplay have caused this event to be taken as important and sophisticated.

Squid craft Games Event Hours

  • Spain and France: 20.00h
  • Mexico, Costa Rica, Honduras and Guatemala: 13.00h.

Ecuador, Panama, Colombia and Peru: 14.00h.
Bolivia, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic: 15.00h.
Argentina and Chile: 16.00h.

All these schedules will be the same every day of competition from January 19 to 23, also included the final of 24.

What streamers will participate in Squid craft Games?

As expected, the greatest and most important content creators will participate in this curious competition as striking. The creators of all this will be within this twitch rivals along with different streamers worldwide as they can be IAI, Begin, There, Arigameplays, Juan, Cristina, etc… In total, we can see up to 147 people Participating in these squid games set in the world of Moving, but only one of them will be the main winner.

How will the Squid craft Games event work?

As for as the event will be, you do not know much about how these games will work as the creators themselves (Comanche, Autoplay and Rubies) They have not wanted to reveal anything so that everything is a huge surprise For content creators. While some similar games were made in Roblox, it does not much ago, it seems that the Minecraft version will be different from what we have seen before and It is likely that there is much more Role than in any other event seen before.

What is likely that it does not change will be the operation of the event itself as such as to perform the tests and the one that is eliminated will be left out of the event. There will be 6 days of event distributed in 12 different tests, the 6 originals of the series and another 6 that will be inspired by the games that we have all played as a hot potato.

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