FC Bayern: Ends Marcel Sabitzer as a misunderstanding?

After weak achievements in the defensive midfield of FC Bayern, Marcel Sanitizer was allowed to try to leave defending chests due to the great corona need in recent weeks. But there also disappointed the former captain of RB Leipzig. Is the marriage between Sanitizer and the record champion only a great misunderstanding?

No, that was not what he had given his head coach Julian Nagelsmann on his way: I am someone who likes to make a bold player. He should simply play free from the soul, the Bayern coach had in the direction of Marcel Sanitizers On the Sky microphone before the last Bundesliga game against the 1st FC Cologne (4: 0) said.

Dressed playing, courageously kicking, however, are currently the last features that are related to Marcel Sanitizer, who was presented last summer as 15 million euros more expensive wish transfer from Nagelsmann.

The Austrian acts in the Bavaria jersey even after his first half of the year in the club still totally inhibited, sometimes like a foreign body in the game of the spreadsheet.

Disaster appearance at bankruptcy of FC Bayern against Playback

In the collective failure of the FC Bayern against Borussia Mönchengladbach to the second-round prelude (1: 2) starch the 27-year-old even negative, catastrophic 20 miscalculations in his first game played as left-back.

Marcel Sanitizer was an absolute reconciliation on the left-back position, the former Bavaria Captain Stefan Ehrenberg ruled against Marcel Sabitzer1 on the summer purchasing, which has been contractually bound by mid-2025 to the German industry prime.

Instead of being rinsed to pack for the Corona-diseased Alphonso Davies, Lucas Hernández and Omar Richards in the four-chain of Bavaria, Sanitizer indicated how much he strangles with the right behind the left.

Many bad pasMarcel Sabitzers from Marcel Sanitizer

The negative impression of the Playback Game (Marcel Sabitzer Note 5.0) With regard to the readiness for action, only insignificantly improved on the last weekend of the 1st FC Cologne. In his 75-minute appearance at the Effie, Sanitizer led whole six two-fighting. For comparison: Joshua Gimmick stood after 90 minutes at 23 bunks.

As Against Playback, Sanitizer also played most misplaces for his colors in Cologne and hardly gained arguments for recording the early weekend at Bertha BSC (from 17:30 clock) again in the starting formation.

Meanwhile, with Lucas Hernández and Omar Richards are two alternatives back in the squad, the Sanitizer will face his place. The French world champion sees the left-back position for itself only as a second preference, plays much rather in the defense center of the Munich.

However, Hernández as an exterfidigger in the past always threw everything into the scales, which he has to offer in terms of aggressiveness, duel and walking strength. And thus put the most important requirement of the coach around: Importing courageously. At Sanitizer, that was not necessarily observed.

FC Bayern: Team College as a role model for Marcel Sanitizer?

That one can suddenly prove such an opportunity to be able to benefit from the beginning from the beginning, also proved at the smooth away win in Cologne on the last weekend of Corentin Polish. The 27-year-old received the preference on the Securer position in front of Sanitizer, convinced with over ten kilometers in 75 minutes, 63 percent won two-fight and his first goal of the season.

The French national player who had already been retired and as a change candidate in the summer was fighting for the perhaps last opportunity to get another contract with FC Bayern.

On the other hand, the unsatisfactory situation as a noble reservist or temporary left-parting residue with full commitment, Sanitizer lets you miss too often.


Too much time will no longer remain the former service provider from RB Leipzig to finally go around the rudder in Munich and operate with strong performance self-promotion. The hot seasonal phase starts for the ambitious FC Bayern now.

Opportunities for great tasting or rotating will probably no longer offer. Especially not if the last also unusual Leon Goretzka, Day Upamecano or Alphonso Davies will push further service providers back to the squad.

In Leipzig Sanitizer marched in the central midfield as a leader in ahead, appeared as a team captain, scorer and creative players. Ironically, at the club, where he wanted to play for childhood, it lacks exactly these self-confident appearances.

His 15 missions for Bavaria ended all goalless and overall largely pale. Sanitizer has to deliver slowly so as not to be offset as a misunderstanding in his first year in Munich. Opportunities he had already had enough. Mats-Yannick Roth

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