NBA 2K22: all loose

In our Guide to the Locker Codes in NBA 2K22 you will learn:

  • Which codes are currently valid
  • How to place the loose codes in the game
  • How to unlock another free rewards in NBA 2K22

2K repeatedly releases so-called cabins or loose codes that can redeem in NBA 2K22 for special rewards. We will regularly update this article with the latest loose codes in the future. So best yourself a bookmark, so that you do not miss free rewards in NBA 2K22.

For all trophies hunters, we have also put together an NBA 2K22 guide with all successes.

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NBA 2K22: Redeem loose codes — that’s how it works

To redeem the cabin codes in NBA 2K22, opens my team in the main menu and then click on the Mantra Community Hub. Under Cabin Codes you can now enter the codes.

Watch out: For the codes to work, you must always enter the hyphens . Incidentally, the loose codes work on each platform, so it does not make any difference if you play on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S or Nintendo Switch.

All loose codes in NBA 2K22

Here you will find all cabin codes , which are currently valid in NBA 2K22. It is important that you will be released you before the specified flow date.

Cabin / Locker Code Reward Date of Expiry
NBA2K Happy MLK-Day MLK Day Banner, T-Shirt for My career 18.1.2022
MLK-Day-thanks-myteam Diamond Contract, Diamond Consumables Pack, 50 Tokens or 25 Tokens 24.1.2022
Signature-Series-4-Durant Signature Series IV Pack, Clutch Shooter Badge Pack or 3 Tokens 21.1.2022
Hunt 4-glory-in-myteam Diamond Shoe Pack, Diamond Shoe Boost, Signature Series IV Pack, 25 Tokens or 10 Tokens 21.1.2022
Team NBA-75-The-Logo NBA 75 Pack or Badge Pack 18.1.2022
Team Community Hub 1 Token, Shoe Pack, Contract Pack, Basketball Pack always valid

Further rewards through community surveys

In the Mantra Community Hub you will find the community surveys on the right side. Look regularly there regularly and take part in the surveys to unlock additional rewards.

It does not matter, for which answer you are right with the surveys, the rewards are the same for every answer.

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