“Hundreds” of Steam Development Kits already shipped

Steams is a Valve-developed Linux distribution based on Debian as well as version 3 on Arch Linux. It runs as operating system both the video game gaming consoles called Steam Equipment and is additionally readily available to common PCs cost-free of cost and usable.

The Steam Deck of Valve is closer and closer to the exit. The company sent several waves of development kits to all developers seeking to expand the Steam Deck library.

For those who are not aware, a development kit is what developers will use to make their games compatible with a given platform. It offers a solid testing ground for these developers and is a valuable tool in their arsenal.

Steam Deck is a specially designed portable device for playing PC games on the move. All games are not known to be compatible, but valve wants this list to be as long as possible. That’s why these hundred kits shipped are so important — because they will allow this list to lie down.

It is also important that we give developers the opportunity to test their games to get this pretty verified green check, so we have sent development kits into quantity. Said Valve in a blog article. We have approved another wave of development kits, and hundreds were shipped last month (and we continue to approve and send even more). Thank you for your patience Developers!
As for the Steam Deck itself, everything is on track to be shipped in time for its release in February, fewer last minute problems with the Pandemic of COVID-19. The platform has already been delayed before, but it will probably not need another.

News like this excite many players. When writing these lines, all comments under the valve blog are positive. Some have questions about the exact moment when they will handle the Steam Deck itself. But they (hopefully) will not have to wait a long time to get an answer. Valve advances at a regular pace and everything seems to take place as planned.

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