Update of the release date of Steam Deck revealed by Valve

Valve has given fans enthusiasts a new update for when Steam Deck is launch, which is the next laptop PC manufactured by the company. Originally, Valve intended to start sending Steam Deck units to those who ordered the platform in advance at the end of 2021. However, due to the limitations of sending and manufacturing that arose, this release date had to be delayed until the beginning of 2022. Fortunately, thanks to this new update, now we know when the units will begin to be sent around the world.

In a new blog in a publication shared by Valve this week, the company revealed that it is now on track to send Steam Deck on time. Specifically, those who could obtain an advance order from the platform in the first wave should see their units starting to be sent at the end of next month, unless more setbacks occur. First, we are on track to send Steam Deck on time, Valve said in his update message. Despite the global pandemic, the supply problems and shipping problems, it seems that we can begin to take them out on sale at the end of February.

Again, it is worth emphasizing that not all Steam Deck units will be sent exactly at the same time. Assuming it has an anticipated order for Steam Deck blocked, it could arrive as soon as next month, or much later in 2022. Fortunately, Valve has provided a tool on its website that you can use to see what the status of your own order.

Finally, Valve also revealed that it will soon launch a list of games that belong to the Steam Deck Verified program. Essentially, these titles will be those that have been specifically optimized for Steam Deck and will offer an experience that should be close to what you can find on a real PC. You can find more details about those optimized games on the Valve website. Right here.

Have you already booked Steam Deck for you or is hoping to see more of the platform in action before deciding if you want it or not? Let me know in the comments or send me a message on Twitter a @ mooreman12.

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