Sega registers a brand and a logo for your NFT collection

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The relationship of SEGA with the NFT has been quite controversial from the beginning. However, it seems to be confirmed that there are some plans by the Japanese company to expand in that market, due to the record of a brand and a logo called SEGA NFT.

SEGA was one of the first companies in expressing interest in the NFT market and on the Blockchain last April, when it revealed that I was collaborating with the company Double Jump Tokyo to start selling visual art of their classic IP in the form of NFT. Later, in November, he repeated his enthusiastic position at his end-of-year meeting with investors.

However, last week, Director Kabuki Satori explained that NFT’s plans of Sega would be interrupted if the public was negative before them, or if the movement was perceived as a simple attempt to earn money on his part.

In terms of the NFTs, we would like to start with several experiments, and we have already started different studies and considerations, but there is nothing decided at this point regarding the Play to Win model. There have been many ads on this, even internationally, but There are users who show negative answers at this point. We have to carefully evaluate many things, as for example how we can mitigate the negative elements, how much we can introduce it within the Japanese legality, and what will be accepted and what not for users. We will consider going ahead With this, if it leads us to our vision, be constantly creating and always captivating, but if it is only perceived as a way of making money, we would like to make the decision not to continue.

However, and despite these statements, it seems that the interest in SEGA in the NFTs is maintained. At a minimum, they are making sure to record the appropriate brands for the future in the Japanese patent office.

The request for the patent was sent at the beginning of last year, and includes two different brands: one for Sega Classics NFT Collection, which probably has to do with the classic IP NFTs already mentioned, and another for a brand simply called Sega NFT. Both are accompanied by their respective logos.

On the other hand, other Japanese companies, such as Square Enix, have recently positioned himself in favor of this fashion, while others like INAMI have already begun the sale of NFT of their games.

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