Portable Gaming Device “Steam Deck” To shipping from the end of February to overseas. Waiting for trademark registration examination in Japan

Portal is a first-person reasoning video clip game for a solitary player established by Valve Corporation. The game was released in a bundle called The Orange Box for Microsoft Windows as well as Xbox 360 on October 9, 2007, and for PlayStation 3 on December 11 of that year. The game version for Windows is offered for separate download through the Steam, Valve material distribution system, as well as was launched as an independent industrial product on April 9, 2008.
The game is composed generally of a series of challenges that should be fixed teleporting the character and easy things making use of the Aperture Science Handheld Website Device, a device that can produce interspacial websites in between two flat surfaces. The character, Cell, is challenged by an expert system called glands (Hereditary Lifeforms and Disk Operating System) to finish each problem at the Aperture Science Enrichment Center using the Portals Tool, with the promise of receiving a cake when complete all the challenges. The unique physics of the game permits the impulse to be maintained via portals, which requires an innovative use these to navigate through the examination chambers. This element in site is based on a principle similar to that of the narrabacular Drop game; Numerous of the members of the Pigpen Institute of Modern technology who worked on Particular Drop were hired by Valve for the creation of Website.
Site was well-known as one of the initial games in 2007, in spite of being considered short as to its duration. The game got praise for its only means of play. He likewise obtained praise by the Ladies character, with the voice of Ellen McLain in his English version, and the track of credit histories, Still Active, made up by Jonathan Moulton. Without counting sales via Steam, the game has marketed 4 million copies because its launch.

VALVE announced again on January 14th, about the portable gaming device Steam Deck to start shipping to some areas by the end of February. The target area was accepted with the United States, Canada, EU, England. Sales in other regions seem to be announced on the official site sequentially. At the time of writing this paper, we have not accepted reservations in Japan, but they have filed a trademark as an international registration. According to patent information platform J-PLATPAT, the trademark registration of Steam Deck is currently waiting for examination.

Steam Deck is a portable gaming device developed by Valve that operates PC Game Store Steam. Various sticks, buttons, trackpads and the like are arranged on the left and right, with a 7-inch display at the center. Valve is a device that allows Valve’s own Linux-based OS Steams, and is a device that allows you to enjoy PC games owned by the STEAM library on a portable device.


Initially, for the previous sales area, it was scheduled for shipment at the end of 2021, but due to lack of raw materials, the release date was postponed in February 2022 (related articles). It was found that the outlook for shipping in February was successful in this announcement.

Since this device is a PC, customizable is higher than general game consoles. Depending on how to use, you can play games other than Steam, or install OS such as Windows. For more information, please check the official site’s FAQ etc.

Steam Deck is a Linux-based Steams, and it is a mechanism that can play a game for Windows by a compatible layer of Proton. Many games on Steam can be played, but some games may not work. Steam Deck Verified Program is in progress to display the presence or absence of compatibility with Steam Deck per game (related articles). All games on Steam are targeted, and confirmed playable non-compilation unconfirmed unconfirmed is performed by the degree of compatibility.

Category by compatibility level is utilized when accessing Steam Store from Steam Deck or displaying libraries. In the store, only four tabs that appear only the game of Confirmed category that can be played comfortably, and on library, four types of badges according to the compatibility level for each game It is displayed. Also, since the Steam Deck Verified program is continuously done, a re-review is performed by updating the game itself and Steam Deck software.

Steam Deck has three models with different storage capacity, and selectable from 64 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB. Storage can also extend storage by micros cards (SD, SDC, SDC).

The size is 298 mm x 117 mm x 49 mm, which is slightly larger than Nintendo Switch (with organic EL model / Joy-CON). The weight is about 669 g and is more than about 420 g of Nintendo Switch (with Organic EL model / Joy-CON) and slightly lighter than about 682 g of 12.9-inch iPad Pro (current Wi-Fi model).

The display is a 7-inch touch-enabled screen, resolution is 1280 x 800px. The refresh rate is 60 Hz, the same as the smartphone of the entry-middle model and many televisions. Valve aims to play all games at Steam Deck with 800P / 30Hz or more (related articles). Also, only 512 GB models are subjected to premium antiglare etching processes.

The portable gaming device Steam Deck plans to start shipping from February 2022 for the United States, Canada, EU, England. For other regional sales and reservation start times, announcements on the official site are awaited.

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