[3.16] Necromancer with a Call of Furious Spirit – Bild on the Witch (PoE / Path Of Exile)

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In this guide we will tell you about the game for Neuromata with a call of a violent spirit in Path of Exile . Here you will find recommendations for choosing talents, equipment, useful tips and much more.


  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Build Overview for Necromancer with a Call of Furious Spirit in POE
  • 3. POB and Passive Talent Talents Wood for Necromancer with a Call of Furious Spirit in Path Of Exile
  • 4. Equipment for necromancer with a call of a violent spirit in POE
  • 5. Climbing, Bandits and Pantheon for necromancer with a call of a frantic spirit in the path of exile
  • 6. Pumping of the necromancer with a call of a frantic spirit in the path of exile
  • 7. Conclusion

1. Introduction

The necromancer with a call of a frantic spirit and without instability of the minions is a relatively old build, which allows applying predictable damage by minions. It has various auxiliary abilities that work perfectly at the league start and in high-level content (without tangible investments).

2. Build Overview for Necromancer with a Call of Furious Spirit in POE

In this section, we will look at all the advantages and disadvantages of Build so that you can decide, it fits you or not.


  • \ + Suitable for the beginning of the league (you can use from 8 levels, without special equipment)
  • \ + The rapid murder of bosses (the army of small minions destroys the target in an instant)
  • \ + The unique style of the game (the necromancer with the appeal of the violent spirit is finding favorably from other caries and makes a variety of gameplay)


  • it takes time to acceleration (minions have to call again and again)
  • build with minions (applicants have no additional protection mechanisms — for example, the replenishment of health from damage; as a result, they are very fragile, and they need to stay away from the opponents)
  • non-duplicate damage (minions are vulnerable to ONDAM from bosses and some monsters on maps — in such cases, the minions have to call again and again, but at high levels such situations occur relatively rarely).
  • — high demands for equipment on the part of the slots for stones (the ring without stone is usually used to get an additional slot)

style game

By default, frantic spirits live long, so you will need as much passive skills that increase their lifetime. Fortunately, such skills can be taken in the early stages of pumping. After the call, the frantic spirit flies to the goal, hurting all opponents on their way. Opponents cannot take spirits to goal, but they can direct projectiles and mile effects on them. Because of this feature, opponents more often apply their abilities to the character and his lash with useful effects. In general, the build is not particularly durable, therefore, on high-level cards (especially with modifiers on the movement speed of monsters), the player has to carefully choose a location.

Rocking damage and protection levels

Strengthening damage in the considered build occurs mainly by raising the level of minions stones, bonuses can be obtained by equipment and talent talents.

From the point of view of protection, for a comfortable game you will need a minimum of 6,000 health, the maximum possible probability of blocking attacks and 40% of the probability of blocking spells, as well as resistance to damage to different types (this requirement does not depend on the type of league).

3. POB and Passive Talent Talents Wood for Necromancer with a Call of Furious Spirit in Path Of Exile

Important comments! At the moment, the only regular updated version of POB is the Local identity branch. It can be found here: POB Community Fork.

Tree skills for high-level characters

Build is not particularly difficult. In the budget version there are cluster gems of low quality, they are easy to buy or make themselves.

The budget version of Build can be found here, the full tree of passive skills is here.

Having received all the necessary talents, focus on additional nests for gems or clusters, if you can afford it.


The procedure for selecting skills in the passive skill tree depends on the type of league in which you play (soft core or hardcore) and from the quality of the equipment that you come across. If when passing acts, you often get equipment with bonuses to health and resistance, you can limit the skills to damage and vice versa. Below are ways to distribute talents that will suit everyone, regardless of the existing equipment.

  • Wood for pumping, 47 points
  • Wood for pumping, 79 points
  • Full tree


The choice of skill in most cases depends on the personal preferences of the player, but some skills are mandatory.

Health: +50 to the maximum health stock (it is recommended to choose in the first accessible health work)
Mastery of attacks by minions: + 20% to the efficiency of offering (you need to take a flesh at the same time)
Health: + 10% to the maximum health stock, -10% to health replenishment speed (take in the second affordable health skills)
Attacks of attacks by minions: strikes of minions on opponents with a damage ignore 8% of resistances to the elements (frantic perfume cause damage instead of physical damage, and this skill works for them in the best possible way)

Stones for pumping and tie between them

Pouring down with minions, you will get all the necessary skills for high-level build. Insert the stone on ghosts into spare weapons and roll up to 65-70 levels. Up to this point, the ghosts are constantly dying, and there is no sense.

The most important skill for pumping is the call of a frantic spirit. Other skills can be selected depending on the color of the available slots. The optimal setup for a frantic spirit looks like this:

  • Call of Furious Spirit
  • Roll down
  • Damage Fednikov

If you do not have enough bosses damage in acts, a rolled punch can be replaced with a red stone support (damage to fire or physical melee damage). In the presence of the subject with four connections, a rolled strike can be replaced by a hail of shocks. In the third act, access to Auras, we recommend that you choose burning malice.

Oils for amulets

In this build, we recommend improving oils an insatiable ordeal skill (1x Emerald oil, 1x silver oil and 1x gold oil) are required. Oils are expensive, so only the amulet that you do not plan to change in the near future is improved. Other skills attention do not deserve.

high-level connections for stones

Call of Furious Spirit (6 ties)

In the Budget Build, we recommend that you use the tabular of the race or a desecrated bib with the slots of the desired colors (SCS CK), health and resistances.

  1. Call of Furious Spirit
  2. Release
  3. Damage Fednikov
  4. Grad Pedro
  5. Damage from elements attacks
  6. Roll away

Before the important fight with one goal, you can replace a rolling distance to damage with full health.

Auxiliary effects for minions (3 + 3 connections)

Slots in another large subject (bib or staff) also does not require a complete connection, there will be a 3 + 3 connection. These slots need to put stones that give auxiliary effects to minions. As ghosts, it is recommended to use the fuel leaders of monkeys (they can be taken in 7 acts, on ash fields). The creation of ghosts is recommended to add a vitality.

Also in this set up an animation is used. An animation with a lifestyle to bind optionally, however, you must trace the livelihood on the golem, the main goal of which is to strengthen the damage from the army of minions.

Ghosts and Animation (3 Communications)
  1. Creation of the Ghost
  2. Life,
  3. Animation
golem (3 connections)
  1. Call of Vapor Golem
  2. Hungry Revenue
  3. Spontaneous army

Auras (4 connections)

Aura strengthen damage from frantic spirits:

  1. Burning angry
  2. Generosity
  3. Call Mechanotov
  4. Infinite states

Touch of damage + ignition (4 connections)

Setup imposes damage on opponents and inflammation that reduces resistance.

  1. Stamp Armageddon
  2. Touch of damage
  3. Inflammation
  4. Flavor

Mobility (4 Communications)

  1. Fire jerk
  2. Accelerated Crowing Char
  3. Determination
  4. Delivery of the flesh

Ring without stone with harvest

  1. Collection

4. Equipment for necromancer with a call of a violent spirit in POE

Cancel resistance to the elements and characteristics that are required for inclusion of stones. Except some unique items, the main emphasis is placed on rare health equipment and the missing resistance / characteristics. If possible, give preference to subjects with damage from the minions (this modifier is found on the rings from the descent and rings of the deliver ant).

An exemplary list of equipment looks like this:

Slot Name of the subject Rarity
Helmet Health, resistance and other characteristics as needed Rare
Amulet Health, resistance and other characteristics as needed Rare
Bib Health, Resistance and Other Features As needed (or Tabular Race) Rare or unique
Gloves health, resistance and other characteristics as needed Rare
Shoes Health, resistance and other characteristics as needed Rare
Belt Reigning darkness Unique
Rings Health, resistance and other characteristics as needed Rare
Weapons Staff by +3 levels of fires Fire Char Rare

Objects Equipment

Most of the equipment items can be bought or made independently. To determine the cheapest way to obtain a particular item, use the Craft of Exile.

Build uses predominantly rare items on which additional health, resistance and other characteristics are present. If you have resources, you can purchase an exemplary.


Select a rare helmet with health, resistance and missing characteristics. Enter the spells on it to damage from the spirits or to enhance the pulp effect.


By analogy with the helmet, look for a board with health, resistance and other characteristics. If you have a resource, look for an object with the influence of the hunter (level 80+, +% to the efficiency of offenses). In the road, the Sarawak’s nest is present in the exile above, in the budget bill, a rare bib.


You will be rare gloves with health, resistance and / or other characteristics.


Look for shoes with a bonus to health, resistance and other characteristics. The choice of expensive shoes is strongly limited, we recommend staying on the ancient boots with the modifier + the level of ghost stones (it will help you quickly get the creation of ghosts of level 25 and call on extra ghosts). You also use the additional speed of movement (it is considered a protective characteristic).


Selection of items for this slot is quite wide. If you are looking for a budget option, you will come in dark vice with a nest for stone, health, resistance and other characteristics. You can also use the agile darkness with a suitable gem of ghostly eyes, health and % damage from minions after applying skills for minions.

If you have resources, look for a flow drainage. The time-crew precursor of time gives one of the best strengthening in the game, + 20% to the speed of action (the actions include movement, attack and reading spells, the effect applies to the character and its closest allies). The precursor significantly strengthens damage on bosses and simplifies the clearing of cards.


Optimal option:



You need an amulet with health, resistance and other characteristics, depending on the existing distribution of indicators. One of the rare items in the considered build requires the Bird Spirit modifier, and the amulet is suitable for this purpose, as it is not better, since items for this slot are less likely to meet the desired modifiers. To put the amulet Bird Spirit, it is necessary to free one of the suffixes and get a recipe with a monster named Sarawak, the first sky.

Oils need to be applied to an insatiable horde.


As the first ring, you must select a ring without a stone with health, resistance and characteristics. If you have resources, take the rings from the descent or rings of the deliver ant with bonuses to the damage from the minions. The second ring can be any (including a ring without stone with resistance).


As a weapon, it is necessary to choose a staff with a modifier +3 to the level of stones of fiery skills (without it is inoperable). An additional modifier can be +1 to the level of used skills of skills.

Cluster gems

The only mandatory cluster gem for the considered Build is a blessed revival. It gives minions invulnerability to damage for 4 seconds after calling. Without a blessed revival, opponents often destroy the minions too quickly, and they do not have time to cause damage. We recommend that you buy a blessed revival with the maximum number of passive skills (see Link to Build for POB).

Blessed revival is a modifier of medium cluster gems, which are also present + 12% to the health of the minions.

If you want to put the average gem in a big one, make sure that the skirt and ruin, update, and call for a slaughter there are skills in a large gem.

As small cluster gems, it is recommended to use copies with bonuses to health and good shape.


The choice of bottles depends on personal preferences. Below we bring a list of featured vials. Full lists of bottles with different modifiers: bottle with auxiliary effects, health vials, MANA vials, hybrid bottle.

Slot Falcon Description
1 Divine bottle of life Health bottle, instantly fills health and eliminates bleeding effect
2 Perpetual bottle of life Fills health, eliminates deceleration and freezing effects
3 Broth Rum Increases the likelihood of blocking strikes, gives additional armor, combined with the modifier of iron leather on other bottles
4 Basalt bottle Enhances the reservation rate, reduces the physical damage obtained, combines well with the decoction
5 Mercury bottle Increases movement speed

Gems for passive tree

In most buildings, the identical stones on health are used. The optimal option is the gem of the ghostly eye, it gives not only health, but also +% damage from minions after applying the skills for minions. You can also use modifiers for the rate of attack for minions and additional physical damage from the minions.

Also, the desired modifiers include provocation in attacking minions and blinding when attacking minions, but they are found only on the gem of the ghostly eye.

5. Climbing, Bandits and Pantheon for necromancer with a call of a frantic spirit in the path of exile


In this build, concrete ascent skills are used. If you replace them, build will stop working. Below we will consider in detail all these skills.

Recommended option

The ascent skills are listed in the order of importance (and, accordingly, acquisitions).

  1. Thoughtless aggression
  2. Unnatural power
  3. Mrs. sacrifices
  4. Lord of Darkness
thoughtless aggression

Thoughtless aggression must be taken first — not because it is very strong, but because it leads to an unnatural strength. By itself, thoughtless aggression enhances damage from the minions and gives additional speed of attack and movement.

unnatural power

Unnatural power is a simple, but very effective ability to climb for necromancer. In the case under consideration, the main source of damage is the call of a frantic spirit, its effectiveness directly depends on the level of the abnormal stone. Also, unnatural force affects the call of the body’s head and the creation of ghosts (gives additional damage and simplifies the process of receiving the third ghost).

Mrs. Sacrifice

Mrs. sacrifices prolongs the time of existence and increases the speed of the appeal of spirits, and also spreads the effect of flesh offering. With Mrs. you will quickly move on the cards and less often to call for minions. If it is presence of bones, Mrs. sacrifice allows you to achieve the limit blocking value.

Lord of Darkness

The Lord of Darkness simplifies the process of selection of equipment due to additional resistance. It also increases the speed of attack and enhances the damage energizing from the minions. The character itself receives an additional attack speed and can call for minions faster.

Variations Hilda

In the hardcore leagues, the characters need more protection, so Mrs. Sacrifice can be replaced with a bone obstacle.


We recommend that you kill all the gangsters, since their bonuses do not cost the skills of skills (this principle is common to all caries).


For most buildings, the choice of talents of the pantheon depends on the personal preferences of the player. We recommend that you choose Lunar is as a senior god to fully ignore the modifiers of shells on the maps (at the expense of the minions).

As a younger God, you can choose Safari to get less damage from chaos (this resistance is ignored in the overwhelming majority of builds).

6. Pumping of the necromancer with a call of a frantic spirit in the path of exile

In existing mete, all plot acts can be passed at all without minions. We did not set themselves the goal to tell you how to kill Kiara in two hours — on the contrary, we want you to pump a character without spending not a single area of ​​repentance for the transition from the temporary build to the full-fledged Build.

before taking minions

To be able to effectively swing with minions, you need to teach them to beat several goals at the same time. This requires a rod skill stone, which can be used starting from 8 levels. Up to 8 levels we offer you to use the following skills:

  • Storm mine for damage to one goal
  • Wave cold for stripping
  • Frosty bomb as an alternative to the Wave of Cold

Passing up to level 8, buy a rolled blow for one sphere of transformation. It is perfectly combined with the appeal of a frantic spirit. At this stage of communication may look like this:

  • Call of Furious Spirit
  • Roll down
  • Damage Fednikov

If you do not have enough bosses damage in acts, a rolled punch can be replaced with a red stone support (damage to fire or physical melee damage). In the presence of the subject with four connections, a rolled strike can be replaced by a hail of shocks.

In the third act, access to Auras, we recommend that you choose burning malice.

If you swing first character, read the following guides:

  • Hyde on unique subjects for pumping will help you pick up equipment for pumping.
  • Hyde for pumping for beginners contains answers to the most common questions arising from those who are just starting to play POE.

7. Conclusion

We believe that the game must first bring the player’s pleasure. If you think that build for some reason you do not fit, boldly change it to your needs and do not forget to share with us the most successful options. We will be happy to learn something new from you!

Questions remained? We want our guides bring the maximum benefit to the game community. If you think that we missed something, ask a question in the comments, and we will try to answer you as quickly as possible.

We wish you good luck in the game and many, many elevations. See you!

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