Rainbow Six Extraction CrossSplay: Can you play platform with your friends?

Rainbow Six Extraction is the next step for the series, with a EVE, dungeon-based camphor experience for players. With a focus on Loop players, players want to know if the game will offer cross-play and how it will work. This is becoming increasingly important because Rainbow Six Extraction comes to the Game Pass.

Crossly has become a necessity for many online games of the latest console generation as the players want to play with friends regardless of the platform. Most developers and Ubisoft have seen the font on the wall and made the feature before their publication a focus for games.

But can you really play with everyone, about console, PC and even Stadia? Can you disable Crossly? Continue reading to get a complete overview of how Rainbow Six Extraction Crossly works.

Rainbow Six Extraction Crossly

Rainbow Six Extraction will have a complete cross-play on all platforms to start. Thanks to Ubisoft Connect, the game will also support the complete cross-progression. This means that you can take your character, your unlocks and items across platform, no matter where you decide to play.

How does Rainbow Six Extraction Crossly work?

Since the game has not yet appeared, and we could not get it into my fingers, we are not sure how the functionality will work in practice. However, it will most likely easily be with a switch in the game settings that allows you to participate in the crossly with other platforms.

In order to invite players to other platforms, the game uses your Ubisoft Connect name instead of the Game rag or username of your platform.

Can you deactivate the Crossly from Rainbow Six Extraction?

Until the release of the game we do not know if you can deactivate the Cross-Play of Rainbow Six Extraction. But you can disable Crossly in Rainbow Six victories, so we would be surprised if Ubisoft does not offer the same option in Extraction.

This covers everything we know about the Crossly of Rainbow Six Extraction. To learn more about how to play the game with other players, Ubisoft announced the Rainbow Six Extraction Buddy Pass in 2020, with which you can give your friends a free trial of part of the game.

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