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Even if 2021 another year was from a pandemic and consoles of the new generation are still rarer than fairy dust, it was filled with some really extraordinary games. For example, take the beautiful replica of Mexico in Fora Horizon 5 or the brilliant, time-consuming history of Death loop.

At the beginning of the year, we were also spoiled with the excellent closing chapter of Hit mans World of Assassination Trilogy in Hitman 3 — a nominated next to Fora and Death loop for the award to the game of the year 2022 by The PC Player 24. Then, in the middle of December, became The year crowned through the long-awaited Halo Infinite, with which we vibrated in our Halo Infinite test.

But what brings the future? Well, a number of titles to be published this year were postponed into the year 2022. The game development is because you will certainly agree, difficult in the best times. And since the complications caused by COVID-19 also burden the studios, we look forward to seeing that many of them take the time they need to make their games as well as possible. It also means that for the new year more video game qualities are in stock.

Let us go to some games in this sense, of which we hope that you will care for furor in 2022.

The Analysis

Publication date: 13 . January

At the beginning of the year we have the Analysis — a psychedelic science fiction version of the Left 4 Dead formula. While it is a lot of fun in Back 4 Blood a lot of fun to blow up by zombies, you sometimes want to bring a little confused — by billing through aliens instead. With a ship’s charging of weapons and perks to choose from, we are very pleased to break through the bright-groovy environments of Analysis.

Pokémon Legends: Areas

Release date: 28 . January

The Pokémon world has such a deep history, which extends over millions of years. Singh — the region where the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl are home to the fourth generation — thanks to their connection to Areas, the God of all Pokémon, especially rich in knowledge.

In Pokémon Legends: Areas was reset the clock a few hundred years as Singh was known as His, and follows our attempt to catch all to produce the very first Pokédex of the region. Areas does not interest us so much, but Hessian Grow lithe? We are in love.

Horizon prohibited west

Date of publication: 18 . February

If you thought Horizon Zero Dawn has a lot to do you and Ally, then make you ready to lose countless hours with the gigantic map of Horizon Forbidden West if you arrive in February. In search of the source of a dangerous plague ally crosses a whole series of diodes. From dry deserts to frozen tundras, the young hunter must take care of more than just around the machines — and we all know that there will be many of them.


Publication date: 22 . February

We were pleasantly surprised in our Sight preview of the depth of his systems as well as its intoxicating addictive fighting loop. Beating the short 20-minute Preview demo was just not enough, which is why we can not wait to finally take the full version of the game when it appears on February 22nd.

Destiny 2: the witch king

Publication date: 22 . February

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Eyes high, guardian. We are only a few months left to face another swarm god in Marathon face to face, and it seems that the light has blessed it — and thus your Legion — with your own ability to self-resistance after the case. Since Bungee offers a spicy new weapon archetype (Eleven) and a brand-new manufacturing system for the production of custom war tools, it sounds like we would need any advantage we can get when Destiny appears 2: The Witch Queen on February 22.

Elder Ring

Publication date: 25 . February

The release date of Elder Ring is getting closer and soon our adventure begins through the Lands Between at the side of Alexander The Pot Boy (not his official title, but he should be). At the Game Awards 2021 we received a brand-new trailer, who gave us a deeper insight into the events before the game. We also saw Malaria in action, though it seems to be so well-received…

Gran Tourism 7

Publication date: 4 . March

Gran Tourism has always been a very good-looking driving simulation, and we are particularly pleased that the developer of more than 420 cars Polyphony digitally will integrate this time on hardware of the new generation rendered. Considering how far Playground Games Fora Horizon 5 — the Xbox-based rivals of Gran Tourism — has displaced from the park, Polyphony is expected to bring something polished for PlayStation consoles.

Stalker 2: Heart of Chernobyl

Release date: 28 . April

The Stalker series has long been overdue as a continuation of Stalker: Call of Pripyat from 2009. Fortunately, GSC Game World brings out a brand-new game in the coming April. After a long and difficult development cycle — sometime the game was set after the original resolution of GSC — fans of the shooter certainly no low relief fell when he finally lies in their hands — fortunately without the proposed NFTs. And after what we have seen so far, the wait could be worthwhile.


Release date: 24 . May

For spoken — The brand-new IP of the Square Enix subsidiary studios Luminous Productions — was announced in March 2021 and immediately excited our attention. We came from a collection of developers who were responsible for a large part of Final Fantasy XV and were curious how Frey Holland’s narrative adventure would develop.

So far, the freely flowing struggles and movements together with the great magical effects, which we saw at the Game Awards 2021, can easily be compared to FFV. We only hope that foreseen has a high-quality history that fits in to its impressive graphics.

Saints Row

Publication date: 23 . August

The Saints Row series has come erratically something out of the rudder, and the absolutely bombastic Saints Row 4 literally crowns her to the king of hell. Like Jim Boone, Chief Creative Office of developer volition, previously opposite The PC Player 24 said: There are really not many runways to find out where you would pass it.

For this reason, the new Saints Row game Saints Row is called, as the series will restart completely and returns to your roots. While the story of Saints Row is based on a more realistic backdrop of Santa Less, the fans will be pleased to know that there will be just as many strange and wonderful opportunities to make slaughter and chaos, as it was in previous parts of the case.

Test drive Unlimited Solar Crown

Publication date: 22 . September

Gran Tourism is not the only racing title, the next year zooms on our screens, because the Test Drive series returns for the first time since Test Drive in 2012: Ferrari Racing Legends. This time, developer KT Racing takes us to Hong Kong after he has rebuilt Hong Kong Island on a scale of 1: 1 so we can explore it. If the final product comes out about such as the slim test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown CG trailer above, then we will be spoiled with first-class racing games of the new generation.


Release date: 11 . November

When Bethesda 2018 announced that it brings something completely new to the table — and not his 70th republication of Skyrim — we were excited. After what we have collected so far, the studio tries to apply its masterful production of role-playing games in an intergalactic capacity. Honestly, we are excited about Star field and maybe even more excited, trying to get out of the moon. Finally, a Bethesda game always has its weaknesses.

Vampire: The Masquerade — Blood hunt

Date of publication: Spring 2022

Still a Battle Royale? ‘If you ask. Listen to the genre may already be dried at this time, but you can surely trust that vampire search for last drops. In addition, the thought sounds to be involved in a supernatural vampire war, quite sweet, right? So far we have seen a lot of content from Vampires: The Masquerade — Blood hunt and look forward to testing him when he appears to this spring.

A Pest History: Requiem

Publication date: TBC 2022

A little more mature Alicia and Hugo will eventually return to our screens next year. And do not worry, just as it looks, many rats are shed around in Requiem’s ​​larger, but all the more dangerous world. While the macular — the ancient blood flow awakened in the previous game in Hugo — the two of them still makes life hellishly, they dare in the hope to find a way to purify it for all times.

Arc Raider

Publication date: TBC 2022

EMBARK Studios has met all the criteria for a great-looking coop third-person shooter when Arc Raiders revealed at the Game Awards 2021. Retrofuturistic Vibes? Check. Huge Much monsters from all? Check. Robyn’s, Dancing On My Own ‘with some pretty impressive-looking gameplay recordings? Check. Needless to mention that Arc Raiders could be one of the great surprises of 2022.


Publication date: TBC 2022

We will not lie, we have no idea when the Remake of The Sands of Time 2022 will finally appear. After the originally scheduled start in January 2021 had delayed long, Ubisoft confirmed that the prince will eventually return to 2022/23 in the 2022/23 financial year. This means that we already 3D platform quality is already on 1.

Although Ubisoft has turned away from the classic series after the freaky success of the original Assassin’s Creed, the fans will hope that the remake can capture everything, which the Sands of Time have done so iconic.

Suicide command: Kill the Justice League

Publication date: TBC 2022

Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy really surprised us 2021 and set a new standard for the video games of the franchise. On the other hand, while Rival DC on the large screen in a sense, the phenomenal Arkham games are proof of how well his games have run in the past. Since developer Rock steady Studios sits back on the driver’s seat for the new suicide squad game, we hope there is another blast.

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum

Publication date: TBC 2022

Gollum and Smeaton: Two sides of the same medal. One is tricky and roguish, the other shy and yet sociable. Both sides of the stood are connected by a common goal — to find the precious. We…

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