China locks access to Steam Global

In the People’s Republic of China, gaming is becoming more and more limited. The Chinese government is always controlling what is played by whom and how long. At the end of this year, Chinese players had to find that in their land of access to Steam Global is no longer possible.

No Steam Global More in China

Since 25 December 2021, players in China report that Steam Global and all pages of the Steam community are no longer accessible. It looks so that the international version of Steam in China has been set and forbidden by the government on a black list.

As the magazine, The gamer reports, is claimed in other contradictory reports that the barrier is the result of a DNS attack and not a deliberate prohibition. So far, Steam’s situation in China has changed but nothing.

Leader and Datamyne Ricky Owens, also known as ifiremonkey has noticed the lock first. He tweeted a screenshot on which Steam can be seen on a list of blocked websites in China. This also confirmed other users on Reset era and Reddit.

Only Steam China

Steam Is BLOCKED In China!
As is the coincidence, Steam China is not affected. The Chinese Steam version started in February 2021 and was accessible in parallel with Steam Global. Chinese players now only have access to Steam China, which currently offers a limited library of only 103 play. This is a very small fraction of what Steam has to show Global.

The only big currently playable mainstream titles are Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Data 2. But there are also limitations. Steam China does not provide community features such as the Steam Workshop, Community Market or Discussion Forums. Also, the activity area, which can share screenshots, game instructions or live broadcasts, does not exist.

Limited game industry

The blocking of Steam Global is the largest restriction of the gaming industry in China. Over the last 12 months, the Chinese government has repeatedly adopted restricting measures in terms of gaming. This also includes that children are allowed to gamble only three hours a week.

With the introduction of Steam China it was only a matter of time until Steam had to make room Global. The step came surprisingly for many, yet he fits the previous measures of the Chinese government. After all, Steam China offers a curated selection of games that are approved in the country and compliant with Chinese politics.

Fortnite For example, in November this year in China was completely prohibited. The development of new games has also been restricted. Games may not have government-critical elements and may not show soft men.

Source : The gamer

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