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Net marble released the ‘seven cities: Grand Cross’ in 2019, was adhered to the original animation, and attracted the natural animation style graphics and card battle into a combat that has been reinterpreting the card battle. At the time of the launch, the gamers were taken to take the eye of the gamers, and the game was enjoyed by the game that domestic game developers enjoyed by the game.

Just this seven civil war, the main development of the new game was taken. Last year, the door to the Big Game Studio (VIC Game Studio). At the beginning of the seven caterpillar development, Park Tae-hyun, Park Tae-hyun, who was in the Former Edition, the Planning Team Leader, Art Director, and the Development Team,

It is now a new game that exceeded a year, but it has attracted a new game, but in June this year, in June this year, I have attracted investments from Bis, and the number of employees based on December this year. Based on this, Big Game Studio is preparing two mobile new work. All the animated emotions are featured, one of which is the ‘black clover mobile’, which was released from the jump Pasta 2022 on December 18 and 19, and another is a self-IP-based new ‘project brake’.

First, Black Clover Mobile has started earnest development since June this year. To become a magical, the spiral main character is based on the Japanese manga of the same name of Asia and its rival Yuan. Even if there is no natural horsepower, it is a story of the fifteen leaf of the five leaves that are treated as a taboo, which is aimed at the most likely to the magical of the worldview.

Craig of the Creek | The Ultimate Evil Card | Cartoon Network

The project bracers are then an open-world-based collection type RPG. ‘Your name is’, a Sinai Dakota style, which has high awareness with ‘the’ 의 ”. Choir Jae-young, said, The work of Shin Kai Dakota director is not a tremendously strong or greater appearance, but also places ordinary Sci min. There is a feeling like the first love of the fault, In addition, there is also a special point of the New Cape Dakota work in the background. I am developing a game and developing a game.

Black Clover Mobile is taking into account the domestic self-service, and is also equipped with business organizations for this. Currently, in the in-house testing, the focus group testing in Korea and Japan in the first quarter of next year is a policy to verify the core game performance and the first impression. Then, we aim to formulate in Korea, Japan, and global through soft launch in the third quarter. In addition, based on its own coin ‘Big Join’, P2E (Player-to-Later) services are also available for overseas targets.

Annie Prayer, P2E… It looks obvious, but not obvious,

The creation of a popular game was made by the maker, preparing for a renowned animation, and it is also preparing for a game that is originally a popular animation, and it also recently employs a Hot Business Model in the industry. However, the executive aspiration is more than that. Choir Jae-young said, I am aiming for the world’s best animated RPG developer, and I will show you a game that moves people’s mind like Walt Disney.

These visions were also in the name of the company. Big Game Studios, VIC (VIC) is to reduce ‘Villain Is Coming’. Choir said, It is a big party of Victory, which means victory, and it is Big (BIG), which means a big, but the meaning of the armed villain is coming with a new pleasure, Mahan, China, We are recognized, and we also have a technology that is not pushed in Mikey, and it is confident that it is holding a power, enthusiasm, and a loss.

What these wants to truly tell gamers are not just graphics that the snow will pop out. In a way that I can not see the existing way, I will preach the gamer in a way that I have not been impressed to laugh. The best representative describes BlackClover Mobile, In general, the ‘touching’ in the game is concentrated on surprise and glamour. We are impressed with the formal, glamour, and the false, I want to give a touching point, We want to say that it is literally a tear. In the Black Clover, You is looking at the world, why the main character is exceeding any hardship, the difficulties of the main character, do not miss any hardship and the difficulties, and I would like to impressed, sad, relate, and joy.

The topic that penetrates ‘Project Bracers’ as the main character of the prison’s remain’ Born in prison, he begins in a story that the heroine, and the heroine that announced the name, and the heroine who is a junior, and a jewelry to escape someone in a one year, to penetrate the public jail for a while. Choir said, In the process of escalate, the main person will help each other and grow up, and to preach the story of emotions.

The aim of aiming to do impression is because the game of moving people’s minds has eventually succeeded. The P2E described above is also approaching this direction. Choir Jae-young, said, Market research confirmed that P2E games for P2E are being developed. In P2E, there is a story that reducing the most important refund is the most important, I can not get competitiveness by P2E if I do all P2E. If so, the game is captivated by the game itself, and it is likely that the game that compensates for the time that the users enjoy the time is likely to survive. This is expected to be a future P2E game, he said.

In order to achieve this, talent recruits are the top priority. Big Game Studios plans to adopt 50 for the entire division. Choir said, I am afraid that I was scared, a long legs, he said, I am a new game, but I have been making efforts to prepare for a welfare of employee. The contents of the state are granted to the entire employee’s stock options, the long-term worker’s refresh vacation system, and the spouse’s health checkup, 250,000 won support, and the fishermen support for holidays.

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