Valve range Half Life 2 et plus pour Steam Deck

Valve Updates HL2 for the Steam Deck
Data Under lords is an auto battler video game created and also released by Shutoff. The game is based upon a popular Data 2 community-created video game mode called Data Vehicle Chess, which was released in January 2019. Data Under lords was initial launched free-to-play in early gain access to in June 2019 before officially launching on February 25, 2020, for Android, iPhone, macOS, Microsoft Windows, as well as Linux.

In an interview with Valve on December 16, 2021, they spoke to PC gamer of their progress in carrying their games on the Steam Deck console. Although it was more question of Steam Deck and console preparation for other developers, there was also talk about how they make their games a better gaming experience on the console as well.

DATA 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and the HALF-LIFE series receive all updates to ensure that they will be adapted and ready for launch in February 2022. There are several teams that embark on the Effort, but how are they up to date and clean for Steam Deck’s gameplay varies.

The Data [Team] does something innovative enough, at least in the context of Data, says Greg Cooper, Game Designer for Data 2. The last week, they delivered a new mode that allows players to Play well with the help of controlled. They will also bring the cooperative mode to 4 people because it seems adapted to the current control scheme.

While the Steam Controller will also receive updates, in particular the support of the CS: GO controller with radial menus that will make it much more ordered and easier to manage, more importantly, Half-Life and Half- Life 2 will receive updates for Steam. Platform. Although it is less about adding to history, it is a question of facilitating navigation in navigation menus.

Cooper comments the situation of Half-life with: meme if the basic experience in the Half-Life games is quite refined with a controller, a lot around the experience tend to be left aside or not To be brought to the same level of finish over time. That’s why, apparently, the Half-Life ports to Steam Deck will not come out at the same time, unfortunately.

But there is a good news: According to Lawrence Yang, another designer of the Valve team, the Games Portal are already so ready to use and said they work well on the portable console. Interestingly, Left 4 Dead 2 may be looking forward to having saliva and brilliance for Steam Deck as well.

I think we want to look at the entire valve catalog to make sure everything is fine on Deck, said Yang.

This could be a reason to get a Steam Deck, or at least check some previous Valve games.

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