Sum Age Finding Crowse Second Global Beta Test Started

The thumb Age announced on the 17th, the 24th anniversary of the Open World Shooting Game Crows Second Global Beta test started.

Crowz Beta Test Two Access and Times

Unlike the primary test, which was the secondary test, the second test was conducted, unlike the primary test, which has been in a restricted North American region, for pre-available applications, including European and Asia, and will be conducted for 48 hours from 2:00 pm on the 19th.

The test proceeds through the steam platform, and the ‘Celine Valley’, which is the CESI Valley and the CESI Valley and the Gray stone You can play on the map.

The thumb Age is a policy that actively converges to play stability and gamers through the second test.

For more information about Crows, you can check through the steam page.

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