Nintendo Switch The best deals and bargains in the eShop Sale in KW50

Nintendo Switch (ニンテンドースイッチ, Nintendo Suit chi) is a video game console produced by Nintendo, succeeding the Wii U. This is the first crossbreed console in the history of computer game, which can likewise work as a console. Living space than mobile console. Revealed under the name NO on March 17, 2015, throughout an interview, formally offered on October 20, 2016, as well as received more information on January 17, 2017, throughout a real-time presentation, it came out worldwide. March 3, 2017. It remains in competitors with the Xbox One after that the Xbox Collection of Microsoft and the PlayStation 4 then the PlayStation 5 of Sony.

In the current week, the calendar week 50, there’s the shop of the Nintendo Switch discounted that you digitally in Nintendo’s online store from the switch can buy again countless great games. The many great AAA titles, Indies, remakes, Exclusives, Remaster, ports and much more come from all kinds of publishers, indie studios and developers from around the world.

The deal takes her directly in shop on the switch, digital so in Nintendo’s loading the console. On the classical Cartridge only a very few games appear nowadays. So Nintendo has brought, for example, recently even reprints the fourth generation of Pokémon role-playing games on the market. To our great test of Radiant Diamond & Bright Pearl you come here!

Numerous switch games on sale!

You want in the huge maze of discounted Switch games keep track? No problem! As every Thursday there’s again today an updated and very fresh list currently best, most exciting, most promising and latest deals and bargains from the currently ongoing shop sale of Nintendo Switch (buy now €355.90)!

In addition, we have several previews, reviews, and other useful items linked in some titles, so that you may make before buying a more accurate picture of the Games can. Because whether on sale or not you want your money do not throw out the window — or ?

The most amazing deals for the switch

The normal and sale-price you always look at all the listed games in brackets. In addition, a note: The Games have just reduced when this article appears. A few days later, can also be other games again.

Therefore, every Thursday appears a new and constantly updated list of the latest and best deals and bargains highlights from the Nintendo shop Switch!

Black sad: Under the Skin (€7.99 instead of €39,99)
Badlands: GOT Edition (€2.99 instead of €5.99)
Brawl out (€7.99 instead of €19,99)
Bridge Constructor Portal (€3,74 instead of €14,99)
Collection of Saga: Final Fantasy Legend (€14,99 instead of €19,99)
Crypt of the Necromancer (€3,99 instead of €19,99)
Deposit (€1.99 instead of €19,99)
Gear Club Unlimited (€2,98 instead of €14,90)
Gear Club Unlimited 2 (€5.98 instead of €39,90)
Gravity Rider Zero (€0.99 instead of €6.99)
Jurassic World Evolution: CE (€23.99 instead of €59.99)
Melodrama (€1,24 instead of €4,99)

RA! High Octane Stunts (€0.99 instead of €5.99)

RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 CE (€11,99 instead of €29,99)
Rune Factory 4 Special (€19,49 instead of €29,99)
Saga Frontier Remastered (€19,99 instead of €24,99)
Santa: Half-Genie Hero (€8.49 instead of €16,99)

Santa: Risky’s Revenge — DC (€4,19 instead of €8,39)
Slime-san (€3,99 instead of €11,99)
Steam World Dig (€1.99 instead of €9.99)
Steam World Dig 2 (€5.99 instead of €19,99)
Steam World Heist: UE (€3,99 instead of €19,99)
Steam World Quest: Hands of Gilgamesh (€9.99 instead of €24,99)
Super Bomber man R (€4,49 instead of €29,99)
This War of Mine: CE (€3.59 instead of €39.99)
Wingspan (€13,39 instead of €19,99)

In our Technical problems you also find our Nintendo Switch test with lots of information about the console, the best games and Preisvergleichstabellen.

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12/16/2021 at 10:13 PM

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