NFL Recap Los Angeles Chargers vs Kansas City Chiefs 28 34 thanks to Monster Kelce Chiefs decide insane overtime

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Kansas City Chiefs have decided a wild and dramatic duel against the Los Angeles Chargers with 34:28 for themselves. Travis Hence and Tyree Hill ran to the top shape, the host became a bad weakness. In the AFC West Patrick Mahomes and Co. settle.

In the end it was a coin toss, which should be decisive for the course of the highly dramatic game between the Chiefs and the Chargers. At the start of overtime Melvin Ingram selected by the guests the right side of the coin ( tails ), his team thus received the ball, scored a touchdown immediately — and thus won the match!

At the beginning of the extension was Patrick Mahomes (31/47, 410 YES, 3 TD, INT, 3 ATT, 32 YES, FUM) initially Travis Hence (10 REC, 191 YES, 2 TD) with a pass 27 yards shortly afterwards made Tyree Hill (12 REC, 148 YES, TD) for a new first down. With an outstanding run after the catch on several defenders over Hence with the decisive touchdown finally decided the game. 34:28, the chargers did not receive the ball after the Overtime rules of the NFL.

With a touchdown catch Hence had only got a minute before the end of normal time to equalize. The Chargers were previously passed through a touchdown ball Justin Herbert (22/38, 236 YES, 2 TD, INT) to Keenan Allen (6 REC, 78 YES, TD) in the lead. At the end of normal time the hosts did not make it more, to move the ball again crucial. After a punt the Chargers, it therefore went into overtime.

Should run at all so exciting and highly dramatic that the encounter had, so not really hinted at the beginning of the game. Los Angeles marched thanks to a strong kick returns of Andre Roberts While on his first drive up to the opponent’s goal line, stayed there but without points. That being played fourth down did not result in points.

While the Chiefs were rewarded on their first drive loose the field down plowing (eleven plays for 95 yards) and a touchdown by Michael Burton (ATT, 7 YES, TD, 2 REC, 20 YES), was a pass by Herbert next Drive blocked the Chargers and thus by Anthony Kitchens intercepted. After a field goal by Harrison Butler (2/2 FG, 2/2 XP) guests thus went in the second quarter with 10: 0 lead.

NFL: Chargers convince with a strong run game

However, Los Angeles was by no means defeated. Thanks to a very good run games in which both Austin Keller (12 ATT, 59 YES, TD, 4 REC, 23 YES) and Justin Jackson (13 ATT, 86 YES, REC, 13 YES) were constantly move the ball, the Chargers had offensively much success. Herbert initially ran the ball a yard into the end zone, and shortly afterwards he found Galen Guy ton (2 REC, 10 YES, TD) with a pass to 14:10.

After a strip sack of Joey Boss against Mahomes the Chargers received just before the break the chance again significantly expand the lead. But Stanley left at the opponent’s one-yard line again, the fourth downplay, again they were not successful: Daniel Sorenson defended Herbert’s pass at the line of scrimmage.

After a field goal of both teams Butler finally exchanged on turnover Downs in the second half. Herbert could-28 yard line does not get the ball into the opponent’s Jared Cook (3 REC, 32 YES), on the opposite side missed Mahomes at the one-yard line a wide-open Become Hartman (2 REC, 11 YES).

Los Angeles marched then over 97 yards once again up to the opponent’s goal line — only to fumble the ball by releasing it again! Joshua Kelley (7 ATT, 21 YES, FUM) lost the leather in an attempt to bring into the opponent’s goal line. However, Mahomes retaliated immediately, Henna Nose caught a pass in the flat from. Keller provided with a short touchdown Run finally for the 21: 13 Channel.

From that point on Offenses took command. The last three drives until the last minute of regulation time all ended in touchdowns. By 28:28 it thus eventually went into overtime, where Relies outstanding run after the catch finally decided the game.

NFL: Injury Par ham overshadowed Chiefs victory

The encounter of serious injury of Donald Par ham Jr., who opened with a catch-attempt in the end zone with his head on the ground and could not move all body parts following was overshadowed. The tight end was rushed to a local hospital, his team said that his condition was stable.

The Chiefs gain a cushion by victory a pad at the top of the AFC West and now lead with two games ahead of the secondary-placed Chargers, and the franchise takes place at least temporarily into one in the AFC. Kansas City meets the Pittsburgh Steelers at home in the coming week, the chargers arrive away from the Houston Texans.

Los Angeles Chargers (8-6) — Kansas City Chiefs (10-4)

Result: 28:34 (0: 7, 14: 3, 0: 3, 14:15, 0: 6) Box score

Chargers vs. Chiefs — The most important statistics

In the first quarter, the Chiefs moved the ball nearby nearly. Kansas City came to ten First Downs in the first 15 minutes, not in this season Mahomes and Co. in the first quarter.

Still in the first half Herbert cracked the mark of 8220 passing yards in the NFL. Thus, quarterback in his first two seasons has gained more passing yards than any player in front of him.

Herbert secured another record. With his 71st Touchdown, the young quarterback Dan Marino overtook and thus also achieved more touchdowns in his first two seasons as some other player in front of him.

The chargers fully put on the Run, Los Angeles ran more run than pass plays and had success. The hosts came to 192 Rushing Yards — the highest value in the current season for the chargers.

The Chiefs went as the team with the best offensive third-down conversion rate in the game, the chargers again with the worst in the defense. This trend should continue: With 12 Third Downs, guests gathered 7 times a new First Down — a very good quota.

The Star of the game: Travis Hence (Tight End, Kansas City Chiefs)

Tyree Hill was over wide stretch of chain-mover for the Chiefs and Mahomes’ number one target. At the end, however, Hence made the difference. In the fourth quarter, Hence first wore a passport of his quarterbacks over 69 yards to the one-yard line, a minute before the end of the regular season he began the touchdown to 28: 28 compensation. In the Overtime Hence then made the lid on it: First he started a 27-yard pass, then he wore a short pass from Mahomes over 34 yards to the end zone and brought his chiefs the victory. With 191 Receiving Yards, Hence set a new personal record. Also, outstanding: Tyree Hill and Linebacker Nick Bolton.

The Flop of the Game: The Goal line Opens of Chargers

28 First Downs, 428 Total Yards — the chargers got the ball offensively moved very well, too often they did not reward with points. This was not primarily due to the aggressive Fourth-Down decisions of Head Coach Brandon Stanley, but rather on individual mistakes right in front of the Goal line. At the first drive, the hosts fell two Drops, shortly thereafter Herbert missed an open Cook, later, Kelley felled even when trying to jump into the opposing end zone. From three goal-to-go situations, the chargers brought about zero points — that should be in the end bitterly!

ESPN goes crazy Mahomes throws 3TDs leads Kansas City Chiefs defeat Los Angeles Chargers 34-28 in OT

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Analysis: Chargers vs. Chiefs — the tactical panel

The chiefs offensively found outstanding the game. With outside runs and fast passports into the flats, guests marched the field at their first drive. The Chargers adjusted their own Coverages and played less softly. This turn revealed rooms without or CORNER-Routes, which mainly knew Hill.
On the part of Chiefs, Chris Jones fell out after a positive corona test. His absence was clearly noticeable, both in the pass and in the run-defense. The chargers attacked the defense of the Chiefs constant with Runs through the middle and had a success.
The Chargers are among the most aggressive teams at Fourth Down, especially against strong opponents. This impression was reinforced against the Chiefs: Los Angeles played five Fourth Downs, with their two Run plays they were successful. However, their three passport experiments did not result in any First Down.
With your Fourth-Down attempt at the opposing two-yard line, the Chiefs surprisingly put on a pass-play from the Shotgun. Kansas City, however, got a wide open receiver in the Flat with Become Hartman. But Mahomes missed his teammate completely and threw the ball two yards too short in the lawn.
Darwin James went to the game. The safety was at the beginning of the encounter in the field, but also saw game shares in the further gameplay. James missed in the Secondary the host Noticeable: Hence posted all up to one of his catches with James on the sideline.

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