Trajectory series latest work The trajectory of the hero Legend of Legend II crimson Sin

Japan Falcon announced that Software for PS4 / PS5 Heroes Legend of Heroes.

This work is the latest work of the Story RPG Trajectory series. It is a sequel to the 40th anniversary of Japan Falcon founding the trajectory of the hero legend, and it is said that Calved Republic edition, new chapter that polished further is drawn.

◆ About Hero Legend Legend Legend II-Crimson Sin-

The trajectory of the hero Legend (Huron Nisei) for PS4, which was released on September 30, 2021 (Thu), as a 40th anniversary work of Japan Falcon. It is decided to release the trajectory series of trajectory series that will be the latest Heroes Legend II-CRIMSON SIN- as a title for PS4 / PS5!

Back resolution shop (Slogan) ‘adolescents, Van arcade to the protagonist drawn from the light of the Calved Republic of the Light and Darkness of the Calved Republic, Chapter 1 A new story starts!

Maketoys Trajectory 4 Dummies

Character Illustrations will continue to prepare the popular illustrator INAMI Katsuki, which will continue to the previous work! Inherit the Hero Legend Legal Trajectory, such as LGC alignment that fluctuates in LAW / GRAY / CHAOS parameters, such as LGC alignment that changes seamlessly from field battle to command battle. Achieve a more comfortable and exhilarating game system!

In addition, many unique content unique to the Legend of Heroes Legend II, such as a rich dumpling element that utilizes the stage settings of the Calved Republic! Trajectory series the latest work Trajectory series that has achieved further upgraded as republic edition and new chapter!

◆ Story

Seven Laser Periodic 1209.
The threat of the Mafia organization Almaty has passed and the former peace of mind.

Such a day→ In the corner of the capital Eddie, CID (Ministry of Central Information) Generally occurs that special units are killed by someone.

Calved Police and Pounding Association that moves towards collection of situations.
The power of the back society that sniffs the smell of new noise and starts the dark.

Such as
Back resolution shop (Slogan) Van arcade will also be embarked on the survey by the coming visit.

Who is the person who caused the mistrial case? What is the purpose?
And, Axis is required to find the last heritage of his great-grandfather, the 8th Genesis -?

Beasts Arturo 異 形 and the bond with a boy and girl who ask for something to invite their trajectory (thing) to a factor that is not released-.

The Legend of the Heroes Legend II-CRIMSON SIN- will be released in the fall of 2022. The price is undecided.

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