Summit in Braunschweig top game in Magdeburg

The Viktoria duel between Cologne and Berlin makes on Friday (19 clock) the beginning. While the hospitalize Hofstadter only brought a victory from the past four games (1/0/3), the capitals have been waiting for five encounters on a threesome (0/2/3) — the winter break comes to the right time. Many players are physically and mentally at the end, says Trainer Benedetto Pizzicato, who has to refrain from Men (5th Yellow Card) and Pick pert (Yellow Red Lock), can build on the recovered Circa (after red Lock).

Top Game in Braunschweig — Saarbrücken and Happen

For weeks, the struggle for two ranked two — now in the traditional duel between Braunschweig and Kaiserslautern, two of the most dimensional teams, then culminated before the turn of the year. Only with a victory could the currently six Soxplatzen FCC displace the harmony from the direct rise place. What the Palatine plays in the cards: the defensive strength in the first round (only twelve goals) and the fact that the opponent is plagued before the annual accounts of staff will. In addition to right-back Multan, his representative is probably not available. In addition, Eintracht-Coach has to do without unattended man Henning (5th yellow card).

As the top game goes out in Braunschweig, you will be closely monitored in Saarbrücken and Happen, after all, both clubs are showing only two points behind Braunschweig. The last four times in series victorious FCS — without the locked head coach We Koschinat the compulsory task looks against undertaking Averse. The SVM can return to the 1: 3 defeat for the season opener against the Halleschen FC and thus exacerbate the crisis (0/1/4) of the EX-Club of Happens Coach Rico Schmitt.

Crispy in Munich — Will Wiesbaden creates the connection?

Speaking of crisis: In Munich, the game of two vertical starters of the previous season takes place in parallel, but disappointed in this season: Turkic Munich, which takes a punishment in order to put Interim Trainer Alter Hayabusa again on the bank is on the bank first non-relegation place, which the two points were removed and thus under the dash of lover would like to take over. With SC, Captain Carbon returns to the weld yellow-red lock and is likely to take Chomsky’s place (5th yellow card) in midfield.

The SV When Wiesbaden also wants to connect to the top group in the home game against Freiburg II to attack again in the new year. The distinct Borussia Dortmund II receives the PSV Wicket.

Magdeburg asks for the top game — a conciliatory year-end for the lions?

Summit 51 Montville 14 | N2 Group 3 Semis | Joe Lusardi 5 TDs

After several clubs around two dueling on Saturday, Waldo Mannheim uses a day later into the race for climbing places. The pork halls have on Sunday (13 clock), however, the serious away task at leader 1. FC Magdeburg before the chest and may have to arrive again without a captain Seeger (ankle injury).

Later on Sunday (14 o’clock) it goes for Duisburg to important points in the relegation battle. Maybe the VFL Osnabrück comes at the right time? The purple whites have been waiting for a victory for four games.

The last mandatory game of the year is on Monday (19 clocks) at Wallenberg with the Franconian Bavarian duel between Würzburg and 1860 Munich. After troubled days and rarely satisfactory first round, the game offers the lion the chance to end the year with two wins and thus reasonably more intentionally — which is also for the Yellows that threaten to winter in the descent zone.

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